27 February 2011

I want a new look

 Do you think I need a new template? This blog had been wearing this dress for months now and I feel like it looks dull already. I always wanted to have a black glittering template, I had tried some free template, but then I keep on reverting to this one since it's the most suited one that complement my site content. Plus its 240 side bar on the first part then divided into two on the lower is a good set-up for advertisements and it has bottom wide template where you can place leaderboard ads. Its footer is also a big thing where I place my archive list that serves as index area. And with than set-up, I am having a hard time picking some free template out there, some may have the same set up, side bars, footer and all thing, but their design are either to chic or too flashy to match my blog theme. I was even tempted to contact  website designers with those logo design pricing packages. Maybe when I finally receive payouts from my ads by then "My Simple Life" will finally have her well-deserved makeover, but for now we just have to settle to this playful template, go hover you pointer on those clouds will move with it plus some chasing butterflies,


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