25 April 2011

My Very First Social Spark Cashed Out.

Whoa! Finally after two months, four articles I finally got my very first cashed out in Socialspark.com. Not bad isn't it.

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Friendster makeover

It is our main social network back then, sharing moments and finding long lost friends from high school even in elementary, but as years pass and Mark Zuckerberg birthed Facebook, it overshadowed our fave Friendster.

Shoutout became Status Message, it is much easier to see your friends updates since it automatically appears on your wall and most of all the numbers of applications and games readily available to each member.  Friendster became an ancient thing with Facebook's latest social networking innovations, even though it tries to catch up with the latest  thing, it seems to lose its spark.

And now Frienster will try to do some drastic changes where "We are introducing a new and improved Friendster site in the coming weeks" - Friendster. I really hope it will equal what Facebook has done since they will permanently remove existing network functions "This includes your existing account profile, photos, messages, blogs, and shoutouts. However, your list of friends will be preserved, along with your basic profile information."

But nothing to panic, especially to someone like me who keeps hundreds of photos on the network, Friendster offer number of ways to save those photos by downloading the whole profile, exporting pictures on their third party sites like Flickr or Multiply and blog through Wordpress or Blogger.

To know more about downloading and Exporting of your precious memoirs visit this site Friendster Exporter

23 April 2011

Google Doodle - Earth Day 2011

Mother Earth, our only planet, our only home let us all help save her with our own little ways. Reuse, Recycle and Conserve are three key factor of caring for our only Earth.

My First Blogger Award for 2011

I had been really busy lately and I just practically sneak in an hour of my time a day to update this blog or to read blogs and it was very pleasing that Mia of Online Confession of a Stay-At-Home Mom shared this Versatile Blogger to me. Thanks Mia!

The following are the accompanying rules for this award:
  1. Thank and link back to the blogger that awarded you the badge.
  2. Share 7 things about you.
  3. Award 5 or 15 other bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers to let them know about the award.
Seven things about me.
  1. I am a wonderer, a dreamer (sometimes I snore! )
  2. I sing a lot - inside the bathroom.
  3. I am an Inhinyerong Sibil in profession.
  4. I am claustrophobic and acrophobic all rolled into one.
  5. I eat isaw, fishball, kwek kwek, balot, penoy and burong isda with much Gusto! yum yum!.
  6. I love Meredith Brooks I am Bitch song.
I am not sure whom to share this since it seems that I am the last one to got it hee hee! So to you who happen to drop by here, I share it to you.

20 April 2011

The Pains of Being a "away-from-home" Mommy

He is my son during our Skype video calls, he wants us to "karga" (Filipino term for carry a baby) him over our place. He was confused and got really angry after realizing that he can't actually be with us physically, my mom told us that he cried to sleep after it, same with me too, I sob to my comfort, releasing all the sadness and homesickness I had inside.

He is only two years and three months old and starting to wonder, asking a lot, comprehending on all things that's new to him. At his age, curiosity is all he got and I feel so helpless not to be there for him though I know my mom is there to stand-in for me, I still feel responsible on nourishing his mind and emotions. Wish I could be there for him.

19 April 2011

My Wish for a fine watch...

I always want to have a fine watch, but don't get me wrong I was not that much on accessory unless it was functional like watches. I used to have one before during college, given by one of my aunts as a Christmas. It was made of polished steel with polo green color, I love it because it perfectly matches my school uniform then.

I am eying this couple watch for me and hubby, it was a branded watch that I really wanted, not because of its name per se, but more of its quality and style. We had been allotting one of our piggy bank just for it and hopefully we can splash out on it by August, just in time for our third year wedding anniversary. But on my dismay, just last weekend while dropping out on the city mall, our future watches are no longer on display, sometimes fate is really disappointing. I try to look for it on the internet, but as the lady on the shop says, it was on a limited edition and all created pairs are already sold out.

Still hoping to find a pair I scanned the online shops, and finally find one of its Replica watches at Replica-mania.com. The picture shows likeness to the original one and quite inexpensive especially their Rolex replica and Breitling replica.

I am considering on ordering one to avail their free shipping, but still contemplating since I like my purchases tried on before buying it to make sure I got what I expected.

12 April 2011

Domestic {cherry} - April Blog Giveaway

Girls Domestic {Cherry}is having a giveaway and for this month of April he has a lot for us. The loot for this month contains swatch watch, a gunmetal bracelet, and a set of body care products from the US.

Complete contest Mechanics on this link Domestic {Cherry} - April} swatch giveaway

06 April 2011

My Pink French Knikers, Thanks Duni!

One of my housemates handed me two mails last night, one billing statement and one brown envelope from Germany, wheee!!! its my winning prize from Duni's Studio Giveaway last month here take a look...

It perfectly fit me, yah Duni I am that big hee hee! Really cute with those black laces, I will try to find some pink or white top to pair it.

Thanks again Duni and more power.

03 April 2011

House Plans

Owning our very own house is our main focus right now, we are saving up and maintaining a steep monthly budget, allotting big part of our income to built our dream house as soon as possible or maybe as soon as before Levi start schooling or even before I got pregnant again. Though we have some plans in our mind, we are still in the process of designing its interior finishes like what paint color suits each room better or if we would use Tiles for common areas and wooden flooring for the bedrooms and library. We also consider of choosing  Laminate hardwood flooring instead of real wood works since it cost much less cheaper and with the same beauty as the real woods.

My husband handles the house designs since he the Architecture in the family and since I am the Quantity Surveyor might as well make use of my profession and take care of its financial planning from the very start up to the last touch-ups of fixtures. We our pretty excited to start it up and see in our very own eyes how it will be constructed from ground to roof. Hopefully next year we can be able to find a good location to ground our plans somewhere in the city.

Page Rank and Blog Trafficking and Friendship

As each one knows this blog started out mainly for online contest and product promotions. That was about fifteen (15) months ago, I never thought I could be inclined to it other than using it to join on blog giveaways and contest though I am already participating on parenting forums and online earnings like PTC’s and surveys.

A little unaware of what page ranks means, I discover that I can actually earn using this blog through advertising, paid links and posting and so I search on how it works, sign up on various advertising sites and waited for my assignments, but weeks passed and still zero opportunity. I read somewhere that I need to keep enough traffic and some sites even suggested an adwords management site where I can learn the proper way putting ads on the right place to easily increase my site popularity.

Unaware that this site already has a PR 1 back then (we are currently PR3 right now) I still strive to make it higher with some friendly strategies, which I brand as blog trafficking like joining contest, commenting on blogs, inviting people from forums, link exchange, badge exchange and sponsoring contest. All of it paid of as you can see on my various adds and online earnings adding up, but one of the benefits that I actually thankful of right now are the connection I made with other bloggers. Having acquaintances online is one thing I am enjoying right now, though I haven’t met them in person it was delightful knowing that in some places here on earth someone actually knows me.

01 April 2011

Thanks You to My March 2011 Droppers

It's April's Fools Day, but I don't intend to fool around. This post is solely dedicated to the people who never miss a day this Marching-March thanks to all of you.....

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Until next month dear droppers, I hope to see you all then! Muwahhh!

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