30 January 2011

Eye Sty - Update

It stats to shrink and does not hurt or feels itchy anymore, I think Lid Care helps a lot plus be a lot more conscious on my eye hygiene is needed to stop this pestering kuliti (sty in the eye). I am hesitant to place picture of my eye right now and only have some photo of product I use to heal it.

It was just other OTC antiseptic more like mild soap intended to clean the outer part of the eye, as its leaflet instruction says it was advice to use as often as needed and good for cleaning your eye after make up. It needed to be washed with warm water after and take extra precaution not to let the foam enter the inside part of your eye because just like any soap when it seep into your eye it may cause some discomfort.

It costs a little expensive compared to the other OTC eye cleaning products, but with my experience using this product I can assure you that its worth every cent compared to the discomfort eye sty will give you.

Disclaimer: Guys this is not a review/ product endorsement, but purely my public contribution of handling eye sty problems.

Diaper Rash Relief & Freebie

This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.
Levi is three months old then when I notice some redness on his bottom and folds of his skin, I hurriedly phone our pediatrician and gave us list of some diaper rash ointment. We had tried four on the list, but in no luck all fails to relieve his irritation and bear four days and nights of bare bottom and cloth diaper.
With that I learned my lesson well, make sure babies wear diapers that comfortably fit, not too loose or too tight. Do change diapers often, 12 hours is not advisable even if the diaper labels say so. And as always protection is better than cure.
And also my cousin, who stays in US, upon learning our rashes problem, advised me to try Boudreaux Butt Paste since it was their trusted brand and recommended by their pediatricians to prevent and treat skin rashes.
Browsing the net, I learned that it contains Zinc Oxide and Peruvian Balsam that effectively heal and prevent skin irritations available in several sizes and had been featured on several shows including Oprah's show. And since we love freebies why not grab this offer FREE Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Me, I'm grabbing this opportunity for a try.

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29 January 2011

Eye Sty

Ouch! yes my dear my eye hurts, and it keeps on popping on the upper eyelid of my left eye every now and then. It first appear last year, a few days before Christmas probably got irritated from my careless hygiene on prolong wear of contact lens and using mascara, I plead guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

I just ignore it at first and just give my eye some rest from contact lens, the swelling subside, but still there is a little lump and now for unknown reason, three days ago it swell again on the very same spot. Now I was a little conscious when people notice it even under my glasses. My boss even suggested an eye cleanser and strongly advice that I must see  a medical practitioner to have it checked. I am still uncomfortable seeing doctors here in SG so I just bought the antiseptic Lid Care which cost S$9.98 or around US$7.80 (or 345Php) as suggested by bossing. It was a gentle cleanser where you put a few drops in a sterile wipes (that is included in the package), fold and rub to form some foam then wipe your lids preventing your inner eye from getting on contact with the antiseptic then after it wash your eye with warm water. Use different pads for each eye to prevent spread of the bacteria on the other one specially if only one eye is infected.

I am still observing if it is effective, so far it seems to help, it doesn't feel hot anymore plus it starts to get a little itchy which means it was healing.

I really hope this Sty in my eye of "kuliti" in Filipino translation stop appearing a friend even told me that there are cases when it needs to be removed surgically to stop it on coming back. I really hope Lid Care help me.

Disclaimer: Guys this is not a review/ product endorsement, but purely my public contribution of handling eye sty problems.

24 January 2011

Game of Life

One of the things that eat up my time these days, beside work and my husband  are computer games. I always find time to sneak and play may it be on PC or on my phone, it was also one of the reasons that sometimes I came late at the office I visit my Cityville first... hee hee! Sorry.

I mainly open my facebook account to see updates on my sisters page for some picture and video of my son and offcourse to play and I have some confession to make, I sometimes.... okay! most of the time "Go Offline" because it was pretty disturbing when in the middle of the game somebody pop-up for a chat.

Computer games or applications as what it was called right now is not only a means of pastime for us, it's a way of reliving the day's stress, a sort easy diversion that takes away our mind off those serious things that life is stocking to us.

For some facts, did you know that beside those negative things related to computer gaming, there is an advantage in getting a child into it, somehow a child learn to accept loss gracefully. Learning that in every battle there are chances of winning and losing all you have to do is to play the battles the way you want it. If you win be happy and proud of it. If not, then there is also always another chance or another game to play, another game of life.

How about you? What application you got on your FB, PC and phone?

22 January 2011

Hello Blogging World

To start..... http://kasai-mysimplelife.blogspot.com  is now Google Page Rank 03 yay! I want to thank you for still coming here, thank you very much dear muwahhh! If not for you this snippet compilation of mine would not survive months of dormancy, I am sorry life has been a lot to me this past months, but now I am back to rant, rave and enjoy the promo and giveaway.

And by the way dear  let me you great you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!...... better late than nevah!!!

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