30 June 2010

Bed Talk

Is your bed big enough? My answer is a big no! Oh it had been a great mistake not to realize this back then when are buying stuffs to fill our apartment, but off course how will I know then that having a kid will surely demote my husband from bed down onto the floor and this made him a "floor manager" as what he fondly joke. And now we are in hunt for a larger one good thing I hit upon this site that offers wide array of bed frames and this one caught my attention StabLBase Ultimate Bed Frame with desirable features

•Extra long 76" side rails
•9 Legs with rug rollers
•7 1/2" Height with rug rollers
•No nuts, no bolts, no tools needed for assembly.
•Wedge lock design.

It will surely fit our need and our budget, surprisingly they offer free shipping and no sales tax at all.

17 June 2010

Let Your Little Heart Break A Little

Lyrics of That’s The Story of Love

You’ve got to give a little take a little
And let your poor heart break a little.
That’s the story of that’s the glory of love.
You’ve got to laugh a little cry a little
Until the clouds roll by a little
That’s the story of that’s the glory of love.

As long as there’s the two of us
We’ve got the world and all its charms.
And when the world is through with us

We’ve got each other’s arms.
You’ve got to win a little lose a little
Yes and alwayshave blues a little.
That’s the story of that’s the glory of love.
That’s the story of that’s the glory of love.

I love this song, you can hear me humming it sometimes specially when I’m in the fine mood, but not last night. I sung my levi to sleep with a heavy heart, he had experience his first heartache or I must say first deep disappointment.

Our Didi just left five days ago to find a greener pasture and at young age I know he was wondering why he hasn’t been showing up to play basketball or “taguan” (hide and seek) with him. He is always excited when hearing a motorcycle pass-by and head quick to the door, suppose to welcome his Didi and it will took him few seconds there to finally realize it was not him and resume playing, but last night was different.

We are about to sleep, him on the side and nibbling a milk bottle when my brother came to use the motorcycle, as the engine start he instantly stood up round-eyed and called “Di! Di! Di” and advance to the window to see if indeed it was him. His frustration came when his tito called him up to cheer him, but his mood shifted instead, he stayed on the position longer as if expecting my brother to transform as his Didi until I came and scoop him up. He stared at me as if asking, I told him Didi is far, but soon we will ride the airplane and be with him in Singapore for Christmas. I am not sure if he understands me, but maybe he felt an assurance from my voice that he just kissed me as he usually do and place his cheek on my shoulder.

He slept on my chest as usual, while I hum him... “You’ve got to give a little take a little, and let your poor heart break a little.... la la la...."

16 June 2010

Missing You....

Two years and 10 months
Two more months and it's already our Paper Anniversary....
Two am we woke-up to round a new phase in our life.
Short of Two days before our wedding date, we parted from that buzzing airport....
Two hours I've waited teary-eyed sitting on that floor by the corner waiting for your departure...

Yes, it takes two to tango
But I must enjoy the tango all myself right now
Selflessly for our levi's welfare.

It may take more that two months before I can hug you again
But I really hope it won't take too long
A year will make me sick...
Two years will make me crazy,
Two decades, oh! Just kill me!

I miss you.

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