19 February 2011

Child's Play

Early this week a coworker ask me if I have any idea if where she could purchase scrubs, what scrub? The thing you use on cleaning? I asked her since I was clueless of her inquiry. She laughingly explain it to me that she brought her daughter in a hospital during their routine check up and the little girl got fond of playing doctor since then. She wanted to buy a whole pair of hospital uniform plus medical accessories like stethoscopes and blood pressure device. She ecstatic that in an early age her baby is starting to dream of what she wanted to be in the future. You can see in her dreamy eye how delighted she is seeing her girl playing doctor and dreaming that one she will have "Doctora" (Lady Doctor).

I told her I have no idea since I am just new in Singapore and hardly familiar with their places other than malls  and suggested that we just search the net to buy medical scrubs online. If we were in the Philippines it will be easier to contact a local "mananahi" (dress maker) to personally sew one or visit Bambang surely they got one.


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