08 September 2011

Hail to Mary

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I was born in a Catholic Family, I believe in Holy Trinity and with an utmost admiration with the mother of God. I am a Marian Devotee, it may not be too obvious since I pray with my heart and not with my mouth. I am used of talking to Her just like a pal, I confide to her more than anyone else, Mother Mary knows my deepest desire as well as my deepest secrets. I meet her personally on Wednesdays in Baclaran Church, it’s the best place where I ask for her help and prayers, and most of my prayers were answered with her intercessions.
Marrying a non-catholic is not a hindrance for me to still be close to Her, though there are times that hubby and I got into arguments regarding my devotion, I stick with my beliefs and he must respect that.

Mama Mary Happy Birthday!

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