30 March 2011


Today is a poignant day for us Filipino’s, my condolences to the family of Ramon, Sally and Elizabeth. I pray for the peace of their souls and as well as their love ones healing after this hurtful episode of their life.

29 March 2011

Weight Loss

It had been a yo-yo diet for since after I gave birth, I always let go after a while though I lose few pounds there is always a feeling of deprivation. I always crave for something like donuts, cakes or burger and as always I surrender my task to these so-called comfort foods. Discipline is what my husband keeps on reminding me every time I succumb to my craving. Ever since food is my weakness, I love to eat especially street foods, ice cream and cakes and now it is my biggest problem.

Back then it wasn't really a problem I am very active, I walk and run a lot. However, pregnancy plus post-partum left me a whooping number of pounds, and I needed extra more time running and minding my food intake. But as I cannot snub foodies that easily I manage to find out some options, diet foods as what they call it. Besides fruits and vegetables there are rich in protein food like milk shakes and protein pancakes that got the same taste with its original version minus the excess fats and carbohydrates. At least now I will no longer feel deprive and no more excuses for not loosing these flab.

28 March 2011

Starting On

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Finally after a long persuasion he gave in, Didi finally join my jogging hooray! There is no way he can decline me especially now that he got a running shoes ha ha! He doesn't actually run, but played badminton with one of our housemate while I go for a mix brisk walking and jogging on the nearby park. We manage to keep going for an hour.
And today he again accompanies me for a daily half hour walk and hopefully we can religiously do it at least four times a week, crossing my finger.

26 March 2011

Veet Hair Removal Cream Review


How do you get rid of unwanted hair? Back then we use to pluck it using the good old tweezers however, this method is quite painful and leaves a "chicken skin" texture under your arms and sometimes it may develop some ingrown hair. Afterwards, I learned the easier way of shaving with my grandfather's razor hee hee! It was painless, quick and no "chicken skin" after effect, needs a religious application of moisturizer every night to prevent darkening. Then, there is hot and cold wax, both I haven't tried yet and I don't think I will, next came threading, which is also a no no, I can never imagine how painful it is, pulling multiple strands of hair in one snap, ouchy!
After giving birth, I had been very much into child rearing and my beauty regimens almost gone until I noticed that my underarm started getting darker and I don't like seeing it that way. I then tried to look for some whitening creams until I stumble on Veet products, I actually heard about it, but didn't consider of trying one since it costs quite high compared to a pair of razor. I decide to give it a try. It was a Veet Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin with aloe vera and vitamin E, I bought it in Manila and I'm not sure if how much it costs, about 75 to 80 pesos for 100g if I remember it right.
The box says it works in 5 minutes. However, it was noted that "the time the cream takes to work depends on the hair thickness", but it should not exceed more than 10 minutes. It was designed for legs, underarm and bikini line and can be used anywhere, but not on mole area, face specially on eyes, broken or sunburned skin.
It was easy to use, just apply it directly on skin, evenly spreading it to cover the hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Gently use the pink spatula (supplied inside the pack) to test on small are, if the hair comes away easily remove the rest. If not leave it longer, but not longer than 10 minutes. Rinse your skin with water after. I suggest do the procedure on night before taking your shower since the cream smells sulfure-like and applied some moisturizer for a smoother skin.
I used it trice already and Didi already notice that my underarms is getting lighter and smoother yo! Though the hair grows back easily again after few days, but unlike shaving it was softer.
I will definitely continue on using this product.

24 March 2011

Bussiness Ideas, Anyone?

Putting up a retail business is one of our early options right now, we think it's perfect for a starter since we plan to   fly four to six times a year we may as well make use of it as a business opportunity, bringing goods and clothes from here and there depend on the demands of our future client, but to make it clear these are legal goods only.

We plan to start in three months since we will have mid-year flight plan, as early as last month we had been scouting a lot on malls or wherever there is a sale to grab items. Just last week we went to a baby fair in city area and bought branded items in low price like feeding bottles, baby clothes and accessories surely some mommy friends of mine will go crazy knowing I had these items in almost 30% off the price.

I am wondering where we can I get those trade show flooring since one of our aunties is asking me if I can find a dealer for them, another potential goods to market.
We are also planning of setting up a store since my mom is a person who handles marketing very lightly might as well give her a little retail store with logo canopy and logo mats surely she will love the idea.

21 March 2011

What To Wear This Summer

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love beaches though I actually can't swim, I still love the idea of bumming on wet sand and the tranquility of splashing water and blue sea gives a priceless feeling of peacefulness.

We already have some beach outing plans laid out with friends and relatives somewhere in our pristine islands and one with our company yearly event that is set in Indonesia. I am pretty excited about it since it had been a while since the last time I dip in a slat water. Preparing for it I started searching for some beach wear and found a site that showcase arrays of women's swimwear at Newest Arrivals in the Express Spring 2011 Swim Collection! And here is my best pick
Sexy isn't it? Only I am not sure if it will fit me plus those stretch marks and surgery scars, I can only wear it in my dreams I think. But I think this one below will somehow be in reality if I strive enough to lose more pounds  off my body, maybe it will be possible by third quarter of the year we will see.
Looking at her makes me want to dive into the season’s sexiest swimwear. She had on a spandex monokini, plunging front and flirty self-tie sides with removable padding and a sexy moderate back coverage that shows a little less skin than a two piece swimwear and with designer details that gives a more shapely look. It will surely look better with added accessories like sandals, tote bags, sunglasses and hats. And by the way the site also got swim shorts and sunglasses that would be perfect for hubby too.
That monokini makes me want to grab my sneakers and jog at the park right now. How about you what do you plan to wear this summer? Better head of to Express.com then and sign up for Express e-mail for a chance to win $200 Express GiftCards, why not check sweepstakes rules for more details, the promo  ends 4.21.10 at 11:59pm, EST
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20 March 2011

Taking care of your health without slashing your pocket

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.
Prevention is better than cure, but there are times that we can never run away from illness like common colds, allergies and body aches. As a mother my top priority is my family's well-being, I always make sure we eat healthy food. Our medicine cabinet is also one that I check regularly to make sure that it always holds enough for our needs to combat common colds, flu, allergies, and aches, and as always it should be equipped with first aid kit. We also make it a habit to have a five day a week dose of vitamins and minerals to boost our immune system.
I had ranted enough and surely now you can almost calculate how much budget I allot on our refrigerator and medicine cabinet. Being healthy is not really that expensive the key work is practicality, you don't need to buy imported fruits to eat healthy, find some local fruits on your market like banana, watermelon, guava, avocado and add some veggies like spinach, broccoli and carrots. Same thing with your health and wellness products, there are expensive and fancy one in the market, but being a smart buyer you should know which one is reasonable to get. Generic brands that mostly contain the same active ingredients as other well-known brands are being promoted this past years since health product cost shoots up. Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products is one of the trusted brands and it is pretty a lot of savings buying it instead.
I have tried some of their products before courtesy of our generous Aunts and as of the moment we still have some bottles of Walgreens Gold Seal Vitamin C 500 mg Dietary Supplement Tablets. Comparing its cost to our local Vitamin C tablet it still cost lesser and the quality it gives to boost our immune system is still very much the same with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Auntie even mentioned that she keeps on buying the said product because she wanted to contribute on Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ where they give preventive wellness services to local communities.
It was not easy to find the right brand for your health and it even takes more finding a trusted and inexpensive one, it will be helpful to do some readings and you can start on the mentioned link above.
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15 March 2011

Barthroom Queen

Bathroom Queen (Banyo Queen) is what friends tag me most especially those who go to shower after me, sorry dears, but it’s one of the habits I can’t help myself doing. And I will rather choose not eat in favour of one long bathing. Long shower for me is a form of relaxation, detoxification and a way of relieving the stress from a day of work. Doing it feels like rejuvenating my body and mind.
My husband sometimes finds it amusing that I can spend long minutes lathering and shampooing, although most of the time he finds it very annoying especially when I am the first one to hop on the shower room. He would always grumble on how can I stay on a confine space with very poor bathroom lighting for an hour and find enjoyment to it, and I would just respond that men don’t know what self pampering means and that ends our petty conversation.
I know it’s getting in his nerves and even opt to change our house plans, he revise to make way for a “his” and “her” bathroom. It was such a pretty idea at least I don’t have to rush and cut my relaxation and I get to decorate my own bath as much as I please. I am planning to put a vanity strip & lighting for a more dramatic effect and a chic torchiere floor lamps for some added drama, what do you think?

09 March 2011

OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate, How to get one in Singapore?

One of the benefits of being an OFW and an OWWA member is you are eligible to have a Travel Exit Clearance, you got to enjoy going home free of travel tax (P1620 from Manila Airport) and terminal fee (P550 from Manila Airport). This is a lot of savings specially if you are constantly jetting from Singapore to Philippines and back. And you can also avail a  travel tax reduction if you are travelling with your dependent/s.

UPDATES (2013): Starting 5th of November 2013 POEA  introduce the Appointment System so no "walk-in application" will be entertained from the mentioned date. Here in Singapore you can book for an appointement just click at the link >>> Balik- Manggagawa Online Appointment System

Pleasse note that Philippine Embassy here in Singapore opens only on weekdays, Mondays to Fridays, 9-5 PM, close on Saturdays, Sundays, Philippines & Singapore declared holidays. OEC Issuance at Lucky Plaza Mall was already discontinued

SUGGESTION 1 : If your staying 5 days or less in the Philippines its more convenient to avail an OEC at the Airport Terminals.

SUGGESTION 2 : It your staying for more than 5 days you can also get your OEC at the following locations...

(1) POEA main office in Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City
(2) Duty Free Philippines in Parañaque City;
(3) SM-Manila near Manila City Hall; and
(4) Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

As I mentioned only OFW who have valid Working Pass, S Pass, E Pass and PEP are eligible of this perks, list of required documents includes... ( from Philippine Embassy Singpore website)

Household Service Workers
  • Accomplished OFW info sheet
  • Valid Employment Contract (processed by POEA or the Philippine Embassy – if there is no valid authenticated employment contract, please proceed to contract processing counter (Counter 1)
  • Original Work Permit Card
  • Original Passport
  • Two-way ticket or Itinerary issued by travel agency
  • Proof of OWWA valid membership
  • Updated receipt of Pag-IBIG Fund membership contribution
S-pass/Employment Pass/Training Employment Pass
  • Accomplished OFW info sheet
  • Original Employment Card, S Pass, Work Permit Card
  • Original Passport
  • Two-way ticket or Itinerary issued by travel agency
  • Proof of OWWA valid membership
  • Updated receipt of Pag-IBIG Fund membership contribution
Personalised Employment Pass
  • Accomplished OFW info sheet
  • Valid Employment Contract (Present Company) or Certificate of Employment signed by the Employer/HR stating the contract duration
  • Original PEP Card
  • Original Passport
  • Two-way ticket or Itinerary issued by travel agency
  • Proof of OWWA valid membership (i.e. official receipt, certificate of coverage);  worth S$42.00
  • Updated receipt of Pag-IBIG Fund membership contribution

You can get one or multiple OEC at the Philippine Embassy located at 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395 for only S$3.00 with one (1) year validity from the date of issuance (subject to validity of work pass and OWWA membership)

Map with direction from Orchard MRT station to Philippine Embassy at Singapore
click photo to enlarge (from Google Map)

You can check the following link for further information.

Balik- Manggagawa Online Appointment System

OEC Requirements



08 March 2011

My First Quarter in Singapore – Job hunting, misfortunes and homesickness

Staying in a foreign country is a big dare, and I had confirmed it right, you must adjust on a lot of things especially on foodstuff and communication.
Just like other Filipino, I primarily came here to seek a greener Pasteur. I had been working for six years straight and the sole investment I got is my son. That is why we decide to join the wagon of engineers who manage to squeeze in the S'pore and so I'm here mingling with Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, Bangladeshi other races.
I came here as a tourist, it's my first time to leave Pinas and travel alone. Manila to Singapore is a three hours and 30 minutes air travel. I get out of immigration a little cold because of crazy honesty or stupidity whatever you want to call it, when the officer ask me if how much cash I got, I told him I only got ATM and Credit cards since my I am visiting my husband and he is the one in-charge of my stay, in that very instance I want to kick myself. Good thing the officer is in good mood and told me that if I intend to visit my husband again after this trip I must bring at least S$300 or he would not let in next time.
My first four weeks here is spent in job hunting and some side trips on here and there. My daily companion is our housemates' laptop (we still don't have a laptop then) and google is the one who uncomplainingly search and search for me, for the whole day I will open all job search sites, edit my resume hundreds of times. I was that desperate especially on my third week and still I have no job interviews yet, it came to a point that yahoo mail suspected me as a spammer because I send 20 to 60 application emails daily, I need to enter a capcha before sending mail hee hee!
Fourth week and I got tons of phone calls, for the whole week days I go see a 2-3 job interviews per day in different area, north to south, east to west. Good thing Singapore got a very systematize public transportation and almost all building and street was known to google map.
After several interviews, I landed a QS job and processed my working visa or Pass that is after some hard luck, $60 taxi fare and two very kind lady officers in MOM. Since I am working with construction company I need to attend a two Work Health and Safety courses and that was a few days before Christmas day.
My first day of work came and I was agitated though the Boss and Admin lady (they are married) is very kind, co-workers are a little snooty and very unfriendly. Bosses must have noticed it and decide to transfer me to another office where people are a lot nicer and not too nosey on eying my every moves.
Chinese New year is a big festivity here, overflowing mandarin oranges, lucky charms, red envelope orampao, food and wines. I luckily won in the raffle during our annual dinner, a fat red envelope yeeha!
That sums up my first quarter here, but I miss a lot at home, Christmas day, New Years Eve and my Levi's second birthday. I am coming home this weekend, but only for three days just to hug my angel again. I am hoping he still knows me.

07 March 2011

Thanks You to My February 2011 Droppers

This is a very late post, but then better late than never right guys! To the lovely people who drop by this month of hearts, thanks to all of you.....

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Until next month dear droppers.

05 March 2011

You Lose, Some You Gain Some

I had been absent here for some days, quite busy counting facade, beam and column which takes toll on my blogging these days, being a QS is no joke, now I know. Anyway, enough of my real work stuffs, if some of you noticed lately number of bars had been added on my top and sides as well as on the bottom, it's because finally Google approved my site. I excitedly setup various ads and testing widget from this part to that part to see if which fits well. I ended up having two Google widgets on my home page and ad links on some pages. Doing so I sacrifice some of my ads, but still retain my  Adbrite widgets, Nuffnung, CMF, Entrecard and Adgtize since these are ones I consider relevant in maintaining my blog both for trafficking and monetizing.

A little went wrong after some days, as my new ads start to gather up dollar values some seem to slow down and some even ended or cut even though my page views and traffic are still on same scale. It's stupid of me not to realize earlier that having number of adds from different company will definitely have an effect on earnings because there will have a competition if which will stand out to win attention from viewers and receive pay per click services.

I also added ads on my feeds, Do you think I am an advertisement addict? Oh I can't help it sorry, as much as I want to contribute something through blogging I am also saving up to fill the cost of the most anticipated (as for me) makeover of this blog which hopefully by the middle of this year, cross my finger then.

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