30 October 2010

Buying Medical Things

I am planning to go in Bambang one of this days to buy some medical stuffs like digital thermometer and blood pressure gadget thing, we need those always ready in the house since we have a child that needs some temperature monitoring and two oldies in the house for some blood pressure monitoring too.

Bambang here in the Philippines is the best place in buying medical things, store their offer much less cost for hospital beds, scrub set, surgical gloves and other hospital things. I remember being there for the first time years ago when I accompany a friend to buy medical scrubs, we are trying to find some good one then in cotton fabric and good designs which she will bring with her in Canada where she got hired as a nurse.

That was almost four years ago, and now she is here again for a vacation I wonder if she still kept those six sets we bought or it if she had manage to buy medical scrubs online, but if she asks me to accompany her again in Bambang for some sale hunting why not it will be fun too.

25 October 2010

Happy Halloween and Little Fears

Halloween is almost here, how cute are those kids in costumes and it will be fun to dress up my Levi with those vampire or monster costumes and I just remember Costume Party is out, Cosplay is in hee hee!

As a I mentioned I love to dress up my son with those little cute costumes, but the thing is, besides being expensive, he is quite frighten on a lot unfamiliar things to him right now. I had read somewhere that at age of 21st month children start to develop some frights on things and after a "root cause analysis" (yes that deep hmm..) I remember a few weeks ago when he screams out of nowhere because a spider drop and crawl on his arms maybe that is the incident that risen his fear on weird things around him. Another one is the cockroaches he stops, runaway or change direction unlike before he chases and tries to pick it up (its yucky!).

I am not sure if he is learning the right thing, but right now I am contented that is he not fond of those insects and a little worried that this may affect his playful nature.

And since he seems agitated on all costumes I tried on him we just settle on visiting some Halloween displays, maybe next year when is ready we will try on a spooky costumes, but for now only these...

Greenbelt 5 Dispays

He likes Pumpkins

He can fit inside that pumkin face.

22 October 2010

HELP!!! How to migrate, I feel stupid here.

I finally availed the prize I got after winning mukhangpera.com's April Fools contest, a 1 year Business Hosting Platinum Account on Sheeromedia and I finally own.....                  


here is the package I got..
Business Hosting Platinum Account for one (1) year
1 GB web space, 30GB bandwidth
Unlimited add-on and parked domains
Unlimited email accounts
*prize includes 1-year registration of 1 top-level domain of winner’s choice (.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info)

But the thing is or problem is I don't know how to use it nyays! I got no IT blood here. They had sent me the links and all for the control panel, ftp settings and email setup and configuration, but I'm an alien to it, don't know how to navigate the cpanel. I feel stupid seeing it for two days now and searching the net on how to migrate, but still kaythrine.com come out empty everytime I try to.

I asked the hosting site on how to do it, but it gives me some basic instructions and told me that the package "only covers hosting and domain registration services" and gives me a quotation on per hour basis on blog installation and content transfer,

Your lady here is just a poor child and I can't afford to pay that much and so I am making plead on some good hearted Samaritan there please help me migrate this blog in its new domain and host pretty pretty please...

14 October 2010

The Violet and Green T-Rex known as BARNEY

Photo credit: Google.com
I can never think of a dinosour as cute as Barney, a carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves a glass of milk with peanut butter and jelly sandwich hee hee!

Lots of children loves him including my son who dance in the tune of "Elephant! Elephant!" and sway in "I love you, you love me..."

Here are some of the lyrics of our fave Barney songs.

"I Love You"
i love you
you love me
were a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me 2 you
wont you say you love me 2 
i love you
"The Elephant Song"
Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant.
She's big and friendly (Elephant!)
Wrinkled and gray (Elephant!)
With her great big feet better get out of the way of the Elephant (Elephant!)
Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant.
The ground it shakes (Elephant!)
Everytime she walks (Elephant!)
And she sounds like a trumpet, whenever she talks (elephant sound)
Every sound in the jungle, the elephant hears
With her floppy king-sized elephant ears
Got a trunk for a nose as long as a hose

10 October 2010

My Very First Adgitize Payment

I got such a good welcoming from adgitize, my first ever paypal payment from them....
Thank you Adgitize!!!!

Want to earn too? Try Adgitize now

Adgitize your web site.Adgitize your web site.

09 October 2010

Loans and Hospital Services

It has been a long for me... as with my announcement days before of my new WAHM life, I started doing work at home last Tuesday and it was quite okay, but I also run some errands for my hubby, pay his loans and contributions on Social Security System (SSS) and Pagibig Funds (HMDF) and I also need to go on my yearly monitoring checkup for thyroid and breast things.

It was pleasing though tiring to finally got to accomplish these things and I thank that SSS and Pagibig got some good and kind people now though Pagibig system are still not as updated as of what SSS got right now I was still pleasing that they are all accommodating.

I also got a chance to compare hospital service since we transfer I need to find a much nearer hospital to have my medical check up and I must say Makati Med not only upgraded their facility, but the service as well. I felt that the doctors got a real care for their patient. Sorry Madocs though you took care of me and my son the last time we are there, but I really felt the difference on how they treat their patients, as they say with TLC, 9 points for MMC!

06 October 2010

Finally.... WAHM Almost.

Wohah! It has been a while since my last update, but slowly this coming days I will be more and more active again, finally after some persuasions and a lot of courage I finally got to be a Work At home Mom or WAHM yes! My company allowed me to work at home (with free laptop!) provided that I deliver what they require and just send everything through email. Though they still ask me to come to the office from time to time, but still I was already free from a daily routine of office days. Yipee!

Though there are still some setbacks like my monthly pay slimmed down to 60% from what I use to receive, no holiday pay, no leave but looking in the brighter side I still got to keep our health cards, Insurance and the company handles my SSS, Pagibig, PHIC and Tax remittances which pretty less of a burden to me.

Now my son got to have me every time he needs me (almost...), now I personally bathe him, feed him and play with him a lot.

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