30 December 2009

Thank you SP, We Got One of Santa's Loot Bag!!!!

Yes we won the first 10 of Santa's Loot Bag Promo of Smart Parenting.com yes!

Our Prize are First Set of 10 Loot Bag Showcase: The Picture Company GC worth 2,500 and Sesame Street DVD.

Thank you Very much!!!

I got mine yesterday December 29, 2009 and we are scheduled for a photo shoot today 2pm.

There are 2 sets to win here grab yours!

Happy Smart Parenting!

28 December 2009

My Little Man is Turning 1

I am so excited this coming January 03, my little boy is having one of his major milestone in life... he is turning one.. Join me in celebrating this.

16 December 2009

Shan Shan Style is giving away Girly stuffs

Gives are...
-Sleek I-Divine Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in 'Original'
-Aveeda lipstick in 702 Sheer Saffron
-Nail Art Kit
-Nail Buffer
-2 x Poppets (toffee/mint)
-A pack of Mikado
-Some Samples

If you want there here's how
- Publicly follow Shan Shan Style
- Re-post these on blogger, twitter or youtube
- Comment 'Enter me' as well as your link and email at Shan Shan Style

Click here Shan Shan Style

UPDATE: Congratulation "Her Royal Bleakness"!

12 December 2009

Thank you GARNIER !!!

This Season is a really a gift giving time after a cutie I box i had last Wednesday another one my free
Garnier lightening skincare set. It was not those small sachet but a 7 pieces tube & bottle lightening eye marks, facial wash, toner, a day & a night cream & facial mask fabulous! See the pictures, but no longer included because someone here at the office make "arbor" it.

And it only cost a thousand+++ bucks! well i don't really have enough cash to purchase those that's why thank you Garnier & Hit A Bargain more power to both of you.

If you want to know how I got it here check this out, just hit the this>>>
It’s time to see the light. Take care.Garnier..

Thank You Johnsons & Johnsons!!!!

Just received an LBC package containing box.... a box of ...

A limited edition designer Johnson’s Body Care Lotion gift package especially made for ME. It contains 6 cute bottles of J&J lotions, love it!

If you also want to receive one here follow this link : Share the Gift of Soft Skin!

08 December 2009

My Christmas Wishlist for this year are.....

Christmas is the season of giving... I am not done yet with my gift shopping but let me have this chance to let you all know what I really wanted to have this Christmas season

1. I want a new
BAG, a big one that can carry my everyday luggage.
2. I want and really pray that I can give my son a well deserve
1st Birthday Party, a well planned party ( I am really hoping I can have this work done whew!)
3. I wish Didi would buy a new set of
Wedding Ring for us, mine was already masikip my fingers are getting fat.
4. I wish I can have my own
Camera, I want one that i can carry around to take pictures my cellphone cam is no longer working hu hu hu!
5. I wish I can have the
Limited Edition Starbucks USB from NomNom Club, I need extra storage of my blog drafts and pictures.

For numbers 1 to 4, I hope my Ninangs and Ninongs read this missive of mine, hey guys I am still a child ( ...at heart). And for the number 5 please don't bother Nomnom Club will take care of it right NomNom... Since he is giving away one right here pick the picture.

01 December 2009

New to Blogging...

How to Blog?

I am very much new in this, And still having difficulties in lay-outing, pictures wont fit it hayz...

Hope I can have a little luck and find my way here.

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