22 February 2011

I am 131,400th day old

Time runs so quickly, really, it was as if just days ago when I am wondering when how it feels like to be a teen then at teen I am wondering how it was being debutant and that I am wondering what it is like to be a free spirited young professional, how to be a wife and eventually be a mother.

I experienced almost everything a girl can imagine, but not all you expect turns out as what you imagine it was just like being a teen. There are a lot insecurities I had then, like my waist line would not shrink to 23 inches or my legs are not as perfect as others and that this stupid pimples keep on popping out specially on days like prom or date, lucky me don't you think (rolling eyes). I even got lured by those fashion magazines about being young professional, power dressing and all. I am so thick not to realize, what would I expect, finishing a degree where my career revolves in construction, building construction sites in particular where the word power dressing is proportionally equal to rubber shoes and jeans.

Sometimes when we share our experiences in life, we would just laugh on those younger days we had and it is true when they say that TIME WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL JUST LAUGH-YOUR-HEART-OUT  ON MOMENTS YOU CRIED ON THE PAST, BUT SURELY, TEARS WILL FALL IN REMINISCING YOUR HAPPY TIMES WITH SPECIAL PEOPLE IN THE PAST. I wish I could thank everyone I meet and shared my 131,400th day with, though facebook is there for some, but I think it is more wonderful to have an email direct marketing for those who are no longer here in this world. I have few friends and love ones whom I neglected then and I feel sorry not to be able to say thank you to them.


Lui on March 1, 2011 at 8:59 AM said...

happy 131,400th day! What a cool novel way to say its you bday. I actually had to take out the calculator..=)

growing up is really a 'painful' thing but being at this age {were almost the same age} is just glorious, right? All the best.

Kasai on March 1, 2011 at 11:46 PM said...

thanks Lui!

Sorry for the calculator hi hi hi!

I love growing old though I remember I read somewhere...

A mom was asked by her child if she likes to have a facelift to erase those wrinkles, she said no and rather happier to face the mirror seeing the beauty she had in years and considering each line in her face as not sign of aging, but rather sign of knowledge she had gained.

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