30 July 2010

Sweet Good Nights

Being a first time mom I always thought having a baby is no joke and I prove myself correct, even though I stock-up bags and bottles of clothing, alcohol, diapers, etectera etcetera still I missed to consider a lot and that includes sleepless nights.

As our oldies say it was normal for a baby to cry a lot at night and I doubt it, but then who I am to contradict them and so everynight MIL would wrap him up in full with cap and to top it all with bigkis (baby binder, use more like a belt and belly-button protection) plus "manzanilla' (oil-base chamomile) to prevent colic. From then up to 5 am he would give me this face.

But not until we meet our pedia who told us not wrap him too much since it was not that cold in Manila and that manzanilla maybe the cause of his discomfort. That afternoon we tried to do what the doctors advice, warm sponge bath, less clothing and no manzanilla and it works Yipeee! 

As months pass we discover more things to lessen his fussing and so first time moms try my lucky 8 tips for your angels heavenly night, solely based on my experience, it might work for you too.

1.Before it strikes 6 pm, give infant a warm sponge bath or a half warm bath for babies who starts to crawl and walk specially during summer.

2. If you live in a tropical country like ours specifically Manila area please don't wrap babies to much. They are cold if their hands, feet, nose, ears and tummy feels cold.
3. For colic lie them on your lap in his stomach and a little patting on the back to release the gas. For more calming effect have some oil base eucalyptus or manzanilla, but please dont apply directly on baby's skin it will irritate them more, just put a few drops on their cloths or something near to them where they can smell it. Its calming effect is on the aroma.
4. Do check their nappies, sometimes diaper rash or the diaper itself irritates them. Opt for lampin (cloth diaper) for few hours, dust some cornstarch powder on their back and diapers area for added comfort.
5. They love a lot of cuddling, touch and kisses, plus do mix some hush lullaby for angelic sleep.

6. TV and lights off please, specially for toddlers it will make them realize that dark = night = sleep time.
7. Train them to sleep on their own, from sleeping on your chest, to huddling on his father's armpit to just sleeping by himself and with Pekto (name of his stuffed toy). This will slowly give you back the late night news habit you had before hee hee!
8. Do say a goodnight prayer to Papa Jesus with them. This will serve as their first lesson for gratitude and as for you add this "So help me God, to put this child to sleep".

Have a good night sleep! Sweet Dreams!

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15 July 2010

Finally I am Verified!

Yes guys finally after months I finally got my Paypal account status Verified yes! and that is with help of Union Bank EON Account. Now I can widraw my paypal monies!
But widrawal is not only the benefit you got by being verified, you also lift your sending limit using Paypal and its a plus factor that you have a verified account in dealing bussiness using your paypal account as what Paypal say "PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal's Verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know." -( Paypal Verification FAQ)
Ohw! maybe your wondering how I register for a Paypal account you can sign up too, it is very useful especially for bloggers like us since we need to accept payments from advertisers, collect payments for an online job or even receive cash prize from contests.

Want to Sign up with Paypal, go hit this link >>> Paypal signup

09 July 2010

How Will I Be A Mindful Parent?

"The greatest gift to give your child is yourself." - Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Myla Kabat-Zinn

The above sentence cough my attention early last 7th of July 2009 while reading the Lifestyle Parenting section of a broadsheet, and since I really got no time to read that morning I just take note of the author and the article and take note to find it on the net for some reading later that day. It was Titled Are You A Mindful Parent? Roots and Wings by Cathy Babao-Guballa.

I am "bagito" (amateur) when it comes to parenting and I try to learn it day by day with the help of my son, and everyday seems to be an examination day specially now that he is in naughty stage aww! Armed with big scream and made-up cry which he mustered successfully in getting what he wants owh! He is really getting a bit bratty these days and fright strikes me that I may no longer cope with his continuous learning in Bachelor of Brattiness. I carefully choose the kind of discipline to impose, a scoop of diplomacy and a sprinkle of spanking, but sometimes a big serving of spanking is more likely served since my string is short that I tend to lose quickly on virtue of patience and who would not every time he throws his toys on our TV set or better yet to his playmates.

I sometimes think if how will I raise him, should I be strict since at this early he is showing signs of a future frequent trip in principal's office, or should I loosen up and have the tons of patience to instill in him right values and conducts. Right now it is my dilemma and reading Ms. Cathy's article I find the book "Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting" a must-read one which somehow can help me unravel the tricks and trade of parenting. Better head-off to the nearest bookstore this weekend, need to buy the book.

08 July 2010

Thanks to Byahilo.com

Blogging is such a rewarding thing to me, I gained friends and acquaintances from all over the world, the knowledge bloggers imparted through their blogs kept me informed as well as entertained from motherhood thing, gadgets and travels. But one thing that is undeniably put a smile on my face are the gifts and prizes I received from sponsors promo and blogger contest, call me a contest looter or a promo whore, the less I care would not love these things? And it is free!

Those are my recent parcel from lbc courtesy of Enrico of Byahilo: Ito ang Trip Ko! I won his April Comment and Win Contest and it includes a Team Manila Shirt, 500 Starbucks GC plus key chains from his travels. See it is very rewarding.

07 July 2010

Thank You MukhangPera.com

This post is already sooo late, but then better late than never, I bag the grand prize for Karen Ang's I Am Not An April Fool Contest last May and the prize includes a year of Platinum Hosting and Domain registration plus banner postings on 2 sporsored blogs and EC credits for advertisements. I haven't avail the prizes yet well obviously this blog is still in blogpost free host and domain since I got only few minutes of my time to blog this past months, being a mom, office worker and a homemaker is filling me up I can't even find time to pluck my eyebrows whew! And that is a fact really. And again many thanks to mukhangpera.como

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