27 February 2011

I want a new look

 Do you think I need a new template? This blog had been wearing this dress for months now and I feel like it looks dull already. I always wanted to have a black glittering template, I had tried some free template, but then I keep on reverting to this one since it's the most suited one that complement my site content. Plus its 240 side bar on the first part then divided into two on the lower is a good set-up for advertisements and it has bottom wide template where you can place leaderboard ads. Its footer is also a big thing where I place my archive list that serves as index area. And with than set-up, I am having a hard time picking some free template out there, some may have the same set up, side bars, footer and all thing, but their design are either to chic or too flashy to match my blog theme. I was even tempted to contact  website designers with those logo design pricing packages. Maybe when I finally receive payouts from my ads by then "My Simple Life" will finally have her well-deserved makeover, but for now we just have to settle to this playful template, go hover you pointer on those clouds will move with it plus some chasing butterflies,

Food, Laughter and Poker Play

How do you relieve work stress? As for me, a long warm bath with a nice scented milk wash and tons of milk lotion after is enough to finish a stressful day. I occasionally pamper myself with foot spa and pedicure specially when the budget permits. Lately, I also treat myself with some ice cream of fruit yogurt to welcome the weekend.
Here at our home where we share a four room flat with some five other friends, laughter and foods, spontaneous talk and playing card games is our constant way of shrugging off work stress. We share our day experience and thoughts on dinner table, teasing and sometimes criticizing each other, but all with a laugh.
For some shopping, yoga, spa massage, intimacy, gardening, eating gourmet food or just by simply playing online games and website pokerstars is a better choice to lighten up their day.
There a lot to choose to choose if which form of stress reliever suites you better it may not be the same for some and it is up to you which of this forms will you choose as long as it helps you lighten up those loads and makes you prepare for the next day to come with able body and fresh mind.

22 February 2011

I am 131,400th day old

Time runs so quickly, really, it was as if just days ago when I am wondering when how it feels like to be a teen then at teen I am wondering how it was being debutant and that I am wondering what it is like to be a free spirited young professional, how to be a wife and eventually be a mother.

I experienced almost everything a girl can imagine, but not all you expect turns out as what you imagine it was just like being a teen. There are a lot insecurities I had then, like my waist line would not shrink to 23 inches or my legs are not as perfect as others and that this stupid pimples keep on popping out specially on days like prom or date, lucky me don't you think (rolling eyes). I even got lured by those fashion magazines about being young professional, power dressing and all. I am so thick not to realize, what would I expect, finishing a degree where my career revolves in construction, building construction sites in particular where the word power dressing is proportionally equal to rubber shoes and jeans.

Sometimes when we share our experiences in life, we would just laugh on those younger days we had and it is true when they say that TIME WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL JUST LAUGH-YOUR-HEART-OUT  ON MOMENTS YOU CRIED ON THE PAST, BUT SURELY, TEARS WILL FALL IN REMINISCING YOUR HAPPY TIMES WITH SPECIAL PEOPLE IN THE PAST. I wish I could thank everyone I meet and shared my 131,400th day with, though facebook is there for some, but I think it is more wonderful to have an email direct marketing for those who are no longer here in this world. I have few friends and love ones whom I neglected then and I feel sorry not to be able to say thank you to them.

21 February 2011

My Oh My Hair

My crowning glory is about an inch for a shoulder length, short for you, but not on me. This is the longest length my hair can grow comfortably, letting it grows more will just make it unmanageable due to fly-away. Plus my round as ever face would not match a longer hairdo and I am easily irritated when my hair stuck on my back and neck specially now that it is summer and I have no other choice, but to have it in ponytail or opt to trim it, I prepare the latter.

On certain occasion, I envy those girls who sport long beautiful hair and still feel comfortable. I wish I can have a HighHair experience too, but my hair won't allow it too even though I have natural brown, shiny and "bagsak "hair I don't have the patience on maintaining a long hairstyle.

19 February 2011

Child's Play

Early this week a coworker ask me if I have any idea if where she could purchase scrubs, what scrub? The thing you use on cleaning? I asked her since I was clueless of her inquiry. She laughingly explain it to me that she brought her daughter in a hospital during their routine check up and the little girl got fond of playing doctor since then. She wanted to buy a whole pair of hospital uniform plus medical accessories like stethoscopes and blood pressure device. She ecstatic that in an early age her baby is starting to dream of what she wanted to be in the future. You can see in her dreamy eye how delighted she is seeing her girl playing doctor and dreaming that one she will have "Doctora" (Lady Doctor).

I told her I have no idea since I am just new in Singapore and hardly familiar with their places other than malls  and suggested that we just search the net to buy medical scrubs online. If we were in the Philippines it will be easier to contact a local "mananahi" (dress maker) to personally sew one or visit Bambang surely they got one.

OWWA Membership (Updated for 2013)

Finally, after one month I was able to squeeze in my Philippine Embassy trip, I need to register on OWWA or Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for security purposes and to avail some perks and benefits offered to us being an  Overseas Worker.

Philippine Embassy here in Singapore is located at 20 Nassim Road, a 1.20 km walk from Orchard MRT Station. I can't really describe how our embassy here looks like since they are under renovation, it was not actually a building, but a residential compound that looks like a bungalow house before. Their staff are friendly and nice, very accommodating for a question robot like me.

The process is less than 10 minutes to finish, where you have to fill-up the OWWA Information Sheet, Submit it with original Passport and IC Pass plus S$42 membership fee for the duration of employment, but not exceeding two (2) years.

Below are OWWA Programs and Services as stated on the certificate,
A. Health care, Disability and Death Benefits
B. Education and Training
C. Worker Assistance and On-site Services
D. Social Services and Family Welfare Assistance
E. Loan Guarantee Fund (still under review)

OWWA Singapore Address : 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Operation Schedule   : Mondays to Fridays, 9-5 PM, close on Saturdays, Sundays, Philippines & Singapore declared holidays.

How to get there....
Click on the photo to enlarge
After OWWA Membership next is how to get OEC find it here at OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate, How to get one in Singapore?

18 February 2011

Learning to say...

I had been anticipating to hear him say that, calling me "Mommy" and he does, a month before his first birthday. He was just starting to mumble words then, but I am so sure he utter that word during our playtime, mimicking his Didi (after I got pregnant my husband started calling me mommy).

This afternoon I called my mom, a routine I got used to, to check on them, she told me that he had gotten so attached to her already, he cries every time my mom was out of sight and that she now knows him as Mommy and me.... He would just point onto my picture if asked "San si Mommy Kayth?" (Where is Mommy Kayth?). I am not his Mommy anymore, but just Mommy Kayth. I am not so sure if what I felt, disappointment? A little maybe, hurt? Somehow, but one thing is clear that I missed him so much and I ached badly to be a mom to him again.

Maybe this is one of the prices I need to pay for being away from him, I know this is just the start, the first one and a lot more heart pinching thing to come. I heard stories of other OFW moms where their children won't come to them the first time of seeing them again, it was heart-breaking moment.

14 February 2011

Poem: And now you're mine

I love to share this beautiful poem, I heard this verses five years ago, but its word got into me just three years ago, from then on I fall in love to it just as how I fall in love to my Husband.

Cheesy! what the heck, just give me this day besides its Valentines Day! 

And Now You're Mine
Andy Garcia & Julia Roberts
II Postino Soundtrack

And now you're mine,
rest with your dream with my dream,
Love and pain and work should all sleep now,
Night turns on its invisible wheels
and you pure beside me as a sleeping amber.

No one else love will sleep in my dreams.
You will go, we will go together over the waters of time
no one else will travel through the shadows with me
only you ever green, ever sun, ever moon.

Your hands are already opened their delicate fists
and let their soft drifting signs,
your eyes closed like two gray wings and I move....

...after, following the folding water you carry, that carries me away.
The night, the world, the wind spin out their destiny.
Without you, I am your dream, only that and that is all.

More love for us! Happy Valentines Day to all!

And Now You're Mine

Hubby just got a new cell phone, after the seller hand him his brand new  toy, I got hold of his existing iphone 4 and blurt out "and now you are mine". Hubby just laugh on my silliness and say "pinaglumaan ko na naman yan e" (I already used it) , but I don't bother as long as I have it and he pays the bill, yo!

11 February 2011

My Current Status

I had been so busy these past months, finding a greener pasture for my son's future landed me here in Singapore, yup boys and girls! Kasai is now living in an HDB flat for the past two months now, my first time to live in a multi-storey apartment and outside the Philippines. Leaving my native land behind, leaving half of my heart (fighting back my tears sniff! Sniff! Sniff!).... But soon he will join us here we just need some time to gain financial stability.

Oh enough of emotional things, since I got nothing much to do right now and no little guy to run after, much as well re-polish this blog. Originally I am planning to create a new one besides my other two blogs namely My Life and My Opinion, but then I wrap up the idea and instead just spread my articles on these existing sites since I am still in the process of resurrecting them from the state of dormancy.

So for now my usual rants will be about being an OFW, Homesickness, adjusting a fast phase life her in the living city and off course online and offline GREAT FINDS!

08 February 2011

I am LOUD!

What makes a person LOUD?

A person may standout of the crowd in numerous ways, being different from others is one of it. Perfecting or doing something out of the usually is also one thing, but in my case I standout loudly out of the others by being myself alone. I do as I please, I don't strive to please others just to be accepted. I am ME, different in many ways, that is what make me LOUD!

How about you, what makes you loud?

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Saying Thank You

Hi there I created a new page up there in my menu bar that I called Frienship Links. I place all my 54 followers links, badge and names to it as a an appreciation of their continuous support. 

Thank you all dear!

If your not on the list yet you comment here or email at mommykayth(at)gmail(dot)com and we can exchange badge or links.

05 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

It is my first time to really celebrate CNY or Chinese New Year, last February first our company held an annual dinner for two reasons, one of course is the CNY and its BD's 20th year since it started its business.

It was held at the Ballroom of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel where almost 260 people attended the event that includes staff and crew, clients, suppliers, bosses colleagues, and friends. We are allowed to bring a friend or family members, for me I tag along my hubby hee hee!

Meal start with traditional salad tossing or Yusheng or Lo Hei as an appetizer, what is it? As I asked some coworkers since I really have no idea why there is a big chopstick on the table, it looks like a drum stick to me, they told me that it will be used later for the salad. After it followed the Birds Nest Soup, Fried Chicken with sesame seed, yummy fried crab stick with pumpkin sauce, mushroom dish that taste like meat, Noodles and sweet poncans.

Raffle and games as held throughout the night, lots of cash, gift certificates, appliance and gadgets. Main raffle prize are cellphones, flat screen TV and an Ipad, luckily I pocket a minor prize of S$400 yeh!

My CNY loot

The dinner party was festive with lots of good food, wine and giveaways plus raffles, KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!!

Busy busy...

I had been very busy this Chinese New not because I party around, but I had been updating and bringing some traffic again on this blog after some months of dormancy. I had been seriously considering on transferring this blog to a paid hosting and domain to maximize its saleability, but then I am hesitant with its pros and cons maybe I will just have to rearrange its side bars, change font colors and better find new blogspot templates those free one of course. What do you think of this two I am eying for?

Both have two side bars, which is a good set up on adding advertisements. We will see if which of the will be better to dress up this blog this year.

I feel like a LOSER

LOSER... yes I feel like one these days, imagine 30 plus pounds gain after giving birth. It has been two years, but I keep on failing myself in getting back into shape or at least to my old body of 120 pounds. In full honesty I slam way up the scale and hit 154 pounds last year and from that day I said to myself this is it, I need to stop this pig from ballooning more. I tried it slowly since 34 pounds was not really gained overnight, numerically this is how it goes....

>>>> 120 lbs - prenatal weight
>>>> 125 lbs - 2 months after delivery
>>>> 140 lbs - 8 months after delivery
>>>> 154 lbs - 20 months after delivery (heaviest)

Three months after deciding to seriously lose weight, I am little down to 148 pounds. My husband is not happy about since he expects a more weight loss and suspecting that I am only fooling him and still pigging out when he is not around. I can't blame him, this is not the woman he falls in love with back then. Even my confidence reversely go down while my weight shoot up high.

Now I am determined to lose this flabs and hit the scale 120 pounds at the end of this year that would be 2.5 pounds per month. I plan to achieve it the healthiest way I can with lots of fruits and veggies, less chips, sweets and sweat it out with a lot of body exercise and regimens.

For this February, I plan to gradually lessen my carbohydrates and have 3 to 4 days a week of one hour fast walking.

I will update you from time to time if I were able to achieve my goal this month and throughout this year. And by the way I welcome some advice on ways and hows in losing weight or you can even join me.

 This is post in my entry to Fat Girl No More First Anniversary Blog Contest an aswer to her What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and how do you intend to achieve this?

04 February 2011

Eye Sty - Update 02

My "kuliti" is still giving me some hard time, it subside a little few days back and now its back. Yesterday after our trip to Polau Ubin my left eye start to get itchy and looks like ripe berries again, but now it's a little icky because of the yellow pin dot thing that looks like it will explode any time. Wish I could find some store near the island to buy sunglasses since it will perfectly hide my eye even though it was raining that day.

Trading , Stocks How it Works?

I had been hearing a lot about investment options lately, my colleagues, every time we have a chance of meeting had been exchanging their thoughts and their winnings stories on investing their money on stocks and trading. They had been encouraging me for a sometimes now to take a dip on this stock markets instead of letting our hard-earned money on the bank with a very little per annual interest. They give some 101 basic things about it and the idea of letting your money do the work for you is pretty tempting. They provide some tips and options trading system as they use to call it to study the market growth.

Stock Market as they say is a system and there are techniques and strategies to win the system, there are big risk of course so you should be aware of everything, more importantly the maximum win you can have on each trade as well it is also in greater importance that you are well-aware of how much you can lose on each trade. You should have the clearest picture of what it awaits you on both ends specially if you are investing large chunk of your savings.

03 February 2011

Peppery Perfect

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to eat, who doesn't right! I love to sit in the kitchen while someone cooks and just savor the aroma from those simmering pots, but please don't make me cook, it's a different story. 

A perfect dish for me would not be perfect without sauces and dipping like patis (fish sauce) with calamansi (local lemon) and chili pepper for Filipino Dishes. Vinegar with onion and Tabasco pepper sauce for barbecue or any grill fish is  great. Cheese for pasta and chili sauce for pizza, pork chops burgers and potato fries, just mix three part of ketchup with one part of Tabasco Original Red yummy!

My father and siblings loves chili sauces too and our grocery list would never be completed without those chili pepper and Tabasco Original Red, it's a must. 

And what is the best partner for some weekend sport, specially now that the Super Bowl is coming, no other than Pizza Perfected  or some easy to prepare Game-Day Party Menu like chicken wings, chili con carne, chip dips and even popcorn are good idea for munching. You can compliment this menu with chili sauce, but I recommend Tabasco Original Red, it was our fave brand when it comes to chili sauce.

For some facts, TABASCO® Original Red was first introduces on the year 1868. Simply made from perfectly blend salt red pepper and vinegar aged for three years before it lands on your table not to replace your dish taste, but simply enhance its flavor for a more satisfying meal.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Things I am Thankful plus a Giveaway!

What a year it was, 2010 is a transition year for me and my family, a lot of good things had happened specially on the later part of last year. Although everything is planned that me and hubby is taking a big leap on our career in joining the pool of working overseas, leaving behind my child on my parents care is no joke. Though I am sure they will take care of him part of me is dead worried, what if he gets sick and I am miles away. Thankfully nothing serious had happen to him for the past two months. Thankful that I am surviving each night without my little angel on my side, you could never imagine how I miss my makulet, his antics and his angelic smell. I very thankful again and again to God for giving me a good husband.

Also, I am very thankful that luckily we landed a good job here in the living city, thankful for all the blessing God has showered on us last year and hoping that in Gods will, 2011 will be a great one for us.

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