29 June 2011

My Source of Happiness

 Two of the most important earthlings in my life, my dear husband and my little man. They are the reasons of my living, my source of happiness and my strength. With them I know I will never ever feel alone or would ever be alone in this world and whatever it takes I will keep this family full of love and happiness.

This is my entry for Daddy Yashiro's Journal's 3rd Blogoversary Contest: A BLOG A BABY.Come and join there are lots of prizes to be won.

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26 June 2011

Living and Levitating

This is my official entry to Levy's Contest

What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?

I am very "mababaw" with just a piece of flower will put me up to the cloud 9. With our present situation, one thing that will surely make me levitate is being with my one and only bubuy. He is my main source of happiness, with just a smile from him will eventually ease out every ache I have from a day of work.
Vividly I can still picture our first meeting, every pain and fear I had after 23 hours of induce labor had gone after seeing him and my first kiss on his cheek was the last thing in my  memory inside the operating room.
He is two and half year old right now with full of curiosity in his world and always armed with questions of what and why. I am looking forward to be with him by the end of the year, anticipating his hug and kiss is enough to put me up high levitating through the clouds of happiness. Hearing him utter "Mommy I love you" in person is heaven!

--- Sorry dear Levy I can't find any jump shot, hope this one will do :)

20 June 2011

What are friends for?

  "I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine, encourage me to grow."

Friendship Scraps @ OrkutUncle

There are different form of friendship, some you got because of blood ties or since you had been neighbors or schoolmates or co-workers and there are some you got out of nowhere like friends of friends or someone you bump outside the cafe.

Do you agree with me that friends are useless if you don't receive any benefit from it. Friendship should be beneficial for both parties in one time or another. Beneficial in away that you help each other, you make each other smile or you enlighten each other in times heartaches or trouble.

You love your friend's right? But of course, there are even points in our life that we treat our friends as if they are more important than our family. You spend time laughing, making fun of each other and most of the time pour your hearts to them in those sad episodes. Yup they are the ones who suppose to give you trust, understanding, compassion, empathy and most specially HONESTY.

Friends should be the first to appreciate and console, the first person to defend you as well as the first person to hit you hard in the head and shake you out of lunacy.

"When friends stop being frank and useful to each other, the whole world loses some of its radiance."
Anatole Broyard 

19 June 2011

Sick away from home

Being sick is horrible enough, but sick and away from home is harder that I thought. Two weeks ago I experience some lower back pains and strangury, UTI attacks. I ignore the symptoms and just realize it after some frequent trip at the comfort room and I start to chill. I took some analgesic to ease the pain and fever.

Usually I consult Urologist when I experience this symptoms for some prescriptions, but as what I experienced last year, doctors here are unlike those in our country, it's not easy to consult specialist, you need to go to a family or a general doctor clad in lab coats first then, they will give a bag of antibiotics and if finishing it doesn't do the trick that is the time you will be referred to a specialist. I am not up to that again so I resort on just treating it myself the natural way, lots of water, cranberry and coconut juices, good thing it helps.

I am not sure of their medical procedures here, maybe because I just trust my good old doctors back in my hometown who are readily available with just a phone call. I should send some gifts for them at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com as a gratitude.

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