28 August 2011


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I always thought mothers are interfering, over acting and domineering being who always gets into the way in their child's freedom. And that outlook does not change now that I am a mom already, with certainty I conclude that mothers are indeed intrusive and selfish because they or we are designed that way because nature made us that way.

Mothers have to deal with a lot of things with regard to their children, caring, nurturing, protecting and sacrificing.

Who would not interfere if you think your child safety is at stake. They may think that are you over reacting in things, but they didn't realize that mom's only concern is her child's well-being nothing less. Domineering it may, but mother's tends to be one because they know better what's good for their kids even from the very start (taking in big sickening tablets of folic acid, iron supplements and gallons of calcium).

When Mom's let their child on freedom, she is making a major sacrifice of letting go, heart wreaking  just thinking of her child in tears or in pain, but she got to do it to give her precious the freedom of living ang learning, the freedom of having an identity of his own.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” - Elizabeth Stone

23 August 2011

Cellphone Essentials

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the greatest contributions of this century to human communication are cellphones. Having a long distance relationship is not that distant anymore and life is much easier with it.
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It will never be the same without my handheld phone, with it I can check on my hubby's whereabouts, easier to monitor my child's activity with just one click of button and quick connection to my love ones in wherever continent they are around the world. Even business was made easy with this technology.
That is why its an utmost important to make sure cellphones are in good shape not only because of its price tag, but as well as to maximize its importance to our daily living. It is advisable to at lease place securities on these gadgets like download applications and everything more like the new application from Sprint that is called TEP or Sprint Total Equipment Protection App which are readily available for Android, Blackberry and select feature phones with only $8 per month you can:
1) Locate phone 
2) Sync contacts 
3) Remote wipe phone
4) Lock phone 
5) Sound alarm 
 The Protection App included with TEP with no added cost provides the ability to find a misplaced phone with an audible alarm, locate your phone on a map using network integrated GPS technology, remotely lock a missing phone, as well as wirelessly sync and manage and restore your contacts.
If you are already in their phone plan you're in a luck since they have on open enrollment, you can download the application to your existing phone up to 30th of August.
To enroll or learn more visit www.tepenroll.com or see this video for further deitals.
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09 August 2011

First SG Package

It was never a surprise for my husband seeing mail man or courier knocking in our door, that is way back in Pinas  a year ago where I had been an online contest and giveaway fanatic (or should I say addict) but it was a bit surprise for him to see another one yesterday since we are in already in SG. Yup guys its was confirmed, I finally squeeze in SG's giveaways ayoo!

It had been normal in me that everytime I land a website I always check out promo tabs or when I browse on my walls its not always to look on new chismax but also to see if there are some online promo in my friends walls heh heh!

Yesterdays package fuels the frugality in my vein yet again.

08 August 2011

Groupon Deal

Have you ever tried purchasing discount coupons on those deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon? well I did! and as my first purchase....
I use my paypal monies to pay for it, S$9.50 (8.07 USD) for 2 big bowl of noodles as what seen on the picture  its worth it!

As much as I love to share how yummy it is, my hubby is a bit too excited to eat that I only got to show you this

07 August 2011

Thanks to my July 2011 EC Droppers!

Whooha! its already August and in a few days it will be "-ber" months already we will once again hear Christmas carols, love it! love it! But before that let me pay some gratitude to our dear droppers last month and without further ado ....

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Thanks to all of you until next month!

06 August 2011

My Google Adsense Pin, Finally!

Hi! Oh yes finally! After My second request my Adsense Pin finally find it way on my Philippine Address. My Mom texted me yesterday that I got a mail from Google, I excitedly asked her to open it up and message me the pin.

It made a request last month and it took almost five weeks to land our mail box, which is why my Adsense Ads are back, see up there and on your right it was them hee hee!

I wonder when can I have my first cash out?Hoping hoping.....

And By The my apology to EC Dropper, I will post my July Top Droppers later. Thanks!

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