14 October 2010

The Violet and Green T-Rex known as BARNEY

Photo credit: Google.com
I can never think of a dinosour as cute as Barney, a carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves a glass of milk with peanut butter and jelly sandwich hee hee!

Lots of children loves him including my son who dance in the tune of "Elephant! Elephant!" and sway in "I love you, you love me..."

Here are some of the lyrics of our fave Barney songs.

"I Love You"
i love you
you love me
were a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me 2 you
wont you say you love me 2 
i love you
"The Elephant Song"
Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant.
She's big and friendly (Elephant!)
Wrinkled and gray (Elephant!)
With her great big feet better get out of the way of the Elephant (Elephant!)
Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant.
The ground it shakes (Elephant!)
Everytime she walks (Elephant!)
And she sounds like a trumpet, whenever she talks (elephant sound)
Every sound in the jungle, the elephant hears
With her floppy king-sized elephant ears
Got a trunk for a nose as long as a hose


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