30 October 2010

Buying Medical Things

I am planning to go in Bambang one of this days to buy some medical stuffs like digital thermometer and blood pressure gadget thing, we need those always ready in the house since we have a child that needs some temperature monitoring and two oldies in the house for some blood pressure monitoring too.

Bambang here in the Philippines is the best place in buying medical things, store their offer much less cost for hospital beds, scrub set, surgical gloves and other hospital things. I remember being there for the first time years ago when I accompany a friend to buy medical scrubs, we are trying to find some good one then in cotton fabric and good designs which she will bring with her in Canada where she got hired as a nurse.

That was almost four years ago, and now she is here again for a vacation I wonder if she still kept those six sets we bought or it if she had manage to buy medical scrubs online, but if she asks me to accompany her again in Bambang for some sale hunting why not it will be fun too.


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