25 October 2010

Happy Halloween and Little Fears

Halloween is almost here, how cute are those kids in costumes and it will be fun to dress up my Levi with those vampire or monster costumes and I just remember Costume Party is out, Cosplay is in hee hee!

As a I mentioned I love to dress up my son with those little cute costumes, but the thing is, besides being expensive, he is quite frighten on a lot unfamiliar things to him right now. I had read somewhere that at age of 21st month children start to develop some frights on things and after a "root cause analysis" (yes that deep hmm..) I remember a few weeks ago when he screams out of nowhere because a spider drop and crawl on his arms maybe that is the incident that risen his fear on weird things around him. Another one is the cockroaches he stops, runaway or change direction unlike before he chases and tries to pick it up (its yucky!).

I am not sure if he is learning the right thing, but right now I am contented that is he not fond of those insects and a little worried that this may affect his playful nature.

And since he seems agitated on all costumes I tried on him we just settle on visiting some Halloween displays, maybe next year when is ready we will try on a spooky costumes, but for now only these...

Greenbelt 5 Dispays

He likes Pumpkins

He can fit inside that pumkin face.


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