09 October 2010

Loans and Hospital Services

It has been a long for me... as with my announcement days before of my new WAHM life, I started doing work at home last Tuesday and it was quite okay, but I also run some errands for my hubby, pay his loans and contributions on Social Security System (SSS) and Pagibig Funds (HMDF) and I also need to go on my yearly monitoring checkup for thyroid and breast things.

It was pleasing though tiring to finally got to accomplish these things and I thank that SSS and Pagibig got some good and kind people now though Pagibig system are still not as updated as of what SSS got right now I was still pleasing that they are all accommodating.

I also got a chance to compare hospital service since we transfer I need to find a much nearer hospital to have my medical check up and I must say Makati Med not only upgraded their facility, but the service as well. I felt that the doctors got a real care for their patient. Sorry Madocs though you took care of me and my son the last time we are there, but I really felt the difference on how they treat their patients, as they say with TLC, 9 points for MMC!


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