22 October 2010

HELP!!! How to migrate, I feel stupid here.

I finally availed the prize I got after winning mukhangpera.com's April Fools contest, a 1 year Business Hosting Platinum Account on Sheeromedia and I finally own.....                  


here is the package I got..
Business Hosting Platinum Account for one (1) year
1 GB web space, 30GB bandwidth
Unlimited add-on and parked domains
Unlimited email accounts
*prize includes 1-year registration of 1 top-level domain of winner’s choice (.com, .net, .org, .biz or .info)

But the thing is or problem is I don't know how to use it nyays! I got no IT blood here. They had sent me the links and all for the control panel, ftp settings and email setup and configuration, but I'm an alien to it, don't know how to navigate the cpanel. I feel stupid seeing it for two days now and searching the net on how to migrate, but still kaythrine.com come out empty everytime I try to.

I asked the hosting site on how to do it, but it gives me some basic instructions and told me that the package "only covers hosting and domain registration services" and gives me a quotation on per hour basis on blog installation and content transfer,

Your lady here is just a poor child and I can't afford to pay that much and so I am making plead on some good hearted Samaritan there please help me migrate this blog in its new domain and host pretty pretty please...


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