26 March 2010


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Seism, Temblor or Earthquake define as shaking on earth surface due to underground movement along geological faults, volcanic activities, landslides or by human activities like bomb blasting. Magnitude is the measure of energy of an earthquake using seismometer and intensity is the measure of shaking in earths surface and determine using  mercalli scale.

Yesterday 25 March 2010 at around 1:29 pm Metro Manila including nearby provinces Laguna, Tagaytay, Pampanga, Bataan and Mindoro was shaken by a magnitude 7 movement that gives intensity 3-5 on said areas. It was for a fact that more than 20 quake occurs everyday but only few are reach our consciousness and its occurrence is unpredictable. It was a chest popping thing to re-experience this specially after Haiti quake having just the same magnitude  good thing our structures are designed to withstand magnitude 7.5 to 8, but DPWH warn the public on flyovers and bridges since these structures are more vulnerable to seismic movements (06-21-2009).

Earthquake is a natural thing specially in our country, having a fault line throughout the archipelago with history of sudden big shakes, it is impossible to know when will it move, all can we do is to prepare for the worst and off course nothing beat the power of prayers.


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