19 March 2010

Nivea Baby Head-To-Toe Wash Review

Levi has a very sensitive skin, my mom would constantly remarks to my son "hindi ka naman tisoy pero ang dami mong allergy" (you're not white skinned, but still you got lots of allergy). He had been using a special specially formulated skin wash few weeks after his birth due to too much bumps appears on his body. It was a hypoallergenic, non fragrant, non bubble wash and really got along with my baby's skin. But since he is starting to be active as much as rolling and crawling, he needs something to keep him smelling fresh. Talcum powder as well as colognes are no no no to him and his wash would no longer keep him smelling fresh all day.

I find it difficult to find a suitable body wash for him I have tried five different well- known wash, but still experience itchiness. A friend suggested Nivea baby wash, I was hesitant to try it because I haven't read any review or product feedback about it on any parenting forum I browse on through plus it was only available in big bottle and might just add up to our stocks of baby wash afterwards. But then I still bought one and tried it on him the next day.
From then we had bought around 10 bottles of Nivea baby wash, it was so gentle that it manages to replace my sons first specially formulated skin wash and its mild scent makes him more kissable the whole day plus he got to enjoy a bubble bath which he anticipates so much.


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