17 March 2010

My Seven Heaven On Earth

"SHOEs are 7 things, places, events, items, or people in your life that you appreciate. They can be huge or little things as long as it made you happy, proud, thankful and in a positive mood." - Earth

My recent SHOE are...

1. I loss 4 pounds already, yes its a big achievement for me, lol!
2. 25 days after his first birthday, my little guy start to walk on his own  , 3 steps and flop on floor.
3. Didi got his first project and he sign it last Sunday plus 50% down payment.
4. My napkins finally arrives after a month of waiting, just in time for my period.
5. My fishville gifts reaches 50 in just 3 days,
6. My potted rose got 4 blooms in single stem.
7. Yaya finally learn how to cook our fave Nilaga with a twist. 

Those are just few of things that gives a smile on my face this past few days. You can also share yours with Earth and win some prize and goodies from here Blog Anniversary Contest.


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