23 March 2010

Online Earnings

I was first drawn to internet money-making opportunities through PTC's, but after weeks of clicking I find it boring plus it was pretty slow you need to click every day plus join their forums and add at the end you find it was scammed site sh!@#! though I still retain two site where already received payments.
And now I am trying to find my way here in blogging, yes I primarily blog to earn some extras. Big part of my Paypal monies came from my online buy & sell activities and part from my other winning through blogging and really small part from PTC.

Trek pay - $5.72 (1st payment)
Neobux - $2.00 (1st payment)
Blog Contest - $32.00 (Levy, Tina and K&P)
Paypal "Donation button" - $8.00 (from my generous readers)

I am still waiting for my paid reviews payments to aged for payment and some other online sidelines to reach payment status and I hope to win some cash from our our blogger friend contest/giveaways so I can have another Paypal widrawal Yipee!!!

If you want you can share your blessing with me, it will be greatly appreciated, TIA!


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