06 April 2010

Passing your Quizzes

Basic Education in our country goes as long as 13 years that include three years in preparatory school, six in elementary plus four more years in high school, but it's not just that you still have four or five years in college. All in all a person need to endure 17 to 18 years of their life in a four corner walled place commonly known as classroom and that includes 100 of exams and quizzes in just a year.
Yes guys I know, school is not all exams we off course got lots of good memories on each of our Alma Mater, but there is something that triggers my mind upon hearing school eventually it picture out a class one seat apart, all in sweaty silence in the middle of 100 items, three pages exam whew! That situation will never make me comeback to school and study again.
My memories of early student years of studying are still very much clear in me. During elementary y days those crying episode when my mom tries to make me memorize those dates on history subject, oh men! I hardly remember them now, good thing there are cellphones now that take care of those dates that needs remembering

But nothing beats the quizzes I encounter in my college days, those are brains smashing things where you need to digest everything your book and professor says. To think internet is already available those days, but less sites are available for some good help techniques and I envy kids of this generation they have all the access on online libraries and test software that will give them ease in studying. Plus there are lots of free online quizzes that students can use to test their skill I even encounter some engineering problems there.


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