04 April 2010

My Virtual Restaurant in Cafe World

Happy Easter!!!!

Since it's Easter let's have something that spells fun, like others out there I also love to play those applications in social networks where I maintain a virtual farm, aquarium and restaurant. And since my farm is still a mess with cows and chickens all over the place I will firstly show you my less clutter and newly renovated restaurant.
Ha ha ha! Sorry guys your host don't have a talent in decorating and what you see is the best I can offer as an interior decorator. I had been maintaining this for about four months now, but since I got into blogging my restaurant suffers having spoiled meals and its popularity drop down.

Right now I manage to give time to it with my current level at 46 and 1.1M coins with 13 CW cash. I now have 5 helpers, 8 counters and 16 stoves plus 1 super stove yipee!!!! But my cafe popularity still in 30 and sometimes less and I have no idea how to increase it or even nailed it to its current standing. It always happen that when I leave it in 30 the next day when I check it back, suddenly it  drops down to 19 or less even though I still have more food to serve.

I started decorating it lasts February that is why there are still some valentine stuffs to it and I love to make stay them for a while, more like a lover's corner lol! I also place a long table for some grand castle like dinner and a fast food cum disco area at night.

I really enjoy this game maybe because I get to cook some recipe (which I can't in real world) that looks good enjoyed by many and makes them come for more.


issa on April 4, 2010 at 4:43 PM said...

i played that before and get bored because there is no challenge for me..enjoy and have a happy easter:)

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