20 April 2010

Gambling From Bulacan to Vegas

Girls on my family specially on my mother side loves to play cards and do betting. I grew up knowing the mechanics of some card games like Pares-Pares (Pairings), lucky 9, Pusoy or Pusoy Dos (more like Poker), Tong-its and 41. Our community are very much open to not-so-legal betting like Ending (winning combination is from 00 to 99 and winning number is based on the last points in a basketball game), Queteng (Filipino betting game with three draws daily), Bingo and Lotto.

Back then in Bulacan inside our family compound,  every weekend after lunch the whole afternoon is spent in a card game by  Aunts and older cousins where real money is used for betting, but those are merely just for fun and only small amount are at stake.

Those are the days, right now those moments only happen once or twice a year since some of us are already in Manila and some even migrated in some states in US, but as to say a gambler will always be a gambler. My Mom and Aunts still manage to do betting by playing Bingo and Lotto and it has been an addiction to them even my cousins and Aunt in US you can see some of their pictures above in their constant trip in Las Vegas to play Slots and Casino. I wonder if one of them already knew about online casino, I will bet for sure one of this days they will discover and maybe some through this article.
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