15 March 2011

Barthroom Queen

Bathroom Queen (Banyo Queen) is what friends tag me most especially those who go to shower after me, sorry dears, but it’s one of the habits I can’t help myself doing. And I will rather choose not eat in favour of one long bathing. Long shower for me is a form of relaxation, detoxification and a way of relieving the stress from a day of work. Doing it feels like rejuvenating my body and mind.
My husband sometimes finds it amusing that I can spend long minutes lathering and shampooing, although most of the time he finds it very annoying especially when I am the first one to hop on the shower room. He would always grumble on how can I stay on a confine space with very poor bathroom lighting for an hour and find enjoyment to it, and I would just respond that men don’t know what self pampering means and that ends our petty conversation.
I know it’s getting in his nerves and even opt to change our house plans, he revise to make way for a “his” and “her” bathroom. It was such a pretty idea at least I don’t have to rush and cut my relaxation and I get to decorate my own bath as much as I please. I am planning to put a vanity strip & lighting for a more dramatic effect and a chic torchiere floor lamps for some added drama, what do you think?


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