24 January 2011

Game of Life

One of the things that eat up my time these days, beside work and my husband  are computer games. I always find time to sneak and play may it be on PC or on my phone, it was also one of the reasons that sometimes I came late at the office I visit my Cityville first... hee hee! Sorry.

I mainly open my facebook account to see updates on my sisters page for some picture and video of my son and offcourse to play and I have some confession to make, I sometimes.... okay! most of the time "Go Offline" because it was pretty disturbing when in the middle of the game somebody pop-up for a chat.

Computer games or applications as what it was called right now is not only a means of pastime for us, it's a way of reliving the day's stress, a sort easy diversion that takes away our mind off those serious things that life is stocking to us.

For some facts, did you know that beside those negative things related to computer gaming, there is an advantage in getting a child into it, somehow a child learn to accept loss gracefully. Learning that in every battle there are chances of winning and losing all you have to do is to play the battles the way you want it. If you win be happy and proud of it. If not, then there is also always another chance or another game to play, another game of life.

How about you? What application you got on your FB, PC and phone?


Mona on January 28, 2011 at 12:04 AM said...

Before i used to play farmville in FB but i stopped when i became addicted in blogging. When i'm not busy working online, sometimes i play plants vs zombies, cooking academy, hell's kitchen and cooking factory.

Kasai on January 29, 2011 at 12:41 AM said...

Wahh! I alsogot addicted in p vs z and burger rush..

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