30 January 2011

Eye Sty - Update

It stats to shrink and does not hurt or feels itchy anymore, I think Lid Care helps a lot plus be a lot more conscious on my eye hygiene is needed to stop this pestering kuliti (sty in the eye). I am hesitant to place picture of my eye right now and only have some photo of product I use to heal it.

It was just other OTC antiseptic more like mild soap intended to clean the outer part of the eye, as its leaflet instruction says it was advice to use as often as needed and good for cleaning your eye after make up. It needed to be washed with warm water after and take extra precaution not to let the foam enter the inside part of your eye because just like any soap when it seep into your eye it may cause some discomfort.

It costs a little expensive compared to the other OTC eye cleaning products, but with my experience using this product I can assure you that its worth every cent compared to the discomfort eye sty will give you.

Disclaimer: Guys this is not a review/ product endorsement, but purely my public contribution of handling eye sty problems.


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