29 January 2011

Eye Sty

Ouch! yes my dear my eye hurts, and it keeps on popping on the upper eyelid of my left eye every now and then. It first appear last year, a few days before Christmas probably got irritated from my careless hygiene on prolong wear of contact lens and using mascara, I plead guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

I just ignore it at first and just give my eye some rest from contact lens, the swelling subside, but still there is a little lump and now for unknown reason, three days ago it swell again on the very same spot. Now I was a little conscious when people notice it even under my glasses. My boss even suggested an eye cleanser and strongly advice that I must see  a medical practitioner to have it checked. I am still uncomfortable seeing doctors here in SG so I just bought the antiseptic Lid Care which cost S$9.98 or around US$7.80 (or 345Php) as suggested by bossing. It was a gentle cleanser where you put a few drops in a sterile wipes (that is included in the package), fold and rub to form some foam then wipe your lids preventing your inner eye from getting on contact with the antiseptic then after it wash your eye with warm water. Use different pads for each eye to prevent spread of the bacteria on the other one specially if only one eye is infected.

I am still observing if it is effective, so far it seems to help, it doesn't feel hot anymore plus it starts to get a little itchy which means it was healing.

I really hope this Sty in my eye of "kuliti" in Filipino translation stop appearing a friend even told me that there are cases when it needs to be removed surgically to stop it on coming back. I really hope Lid Care help me.

Disclaimer: Guys this is not a review/ product endorsement, but purely my public contribution of handling eye sty problems.


Mona on January 31, 2011 at 1:56 PM said...

Well hoping for fast recovery of you eye :) and hope the product you mentioned will help to heal this kuliti :)

Kasai on February 4, 2011 at 11:53 PM said...

Hi Mona, It do help to get rid of itchiness and burning sensation, but I think my eye really need to undergo some professional help. It start to get red again and now it has some yellow dots that seems to burst any time. (sorry if it is a bit yucky!)

Riterob said...

I use Lid Care too.
Lately cannot find it in solution form except in wipes.
Where do you get your solution from?

Kasai on August 22, 2012 at 12:44 PM said...

Hi Riterod! in the Philippines we used to get it from local mercury drugstores...

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