03 April 2011

House Plans

Owning our very own house is our main focus right now, we are saving up and maintaining a steep monthly budget, allotting big part of our income to built our dream house as soon as possible or maybe as soon as before Levi start schooling or even before I got pregnant again. Though we have some plans in our mind, we are still in the process of designing its interior finishes like what paint color suits each room better or if we would use Tiles for common areas and wooden flooring for the bedrooms and library. We also consider of choosing  Laminate hardwood flooring instead of real wood works since it cost much less cheaper and with the same beauty as the real woods.

My husband handles the house designs since he the Architecture in the family and since I am the Quantity Surveyor might as well make use of my profession and take care of its financial planning from the very start up to the last touch-ups of fixtures. We our pretty excited to start it up and see in our very own eyes how it will be constructed from ground to roof. Hopefully next year we can be able to find a good location to ground our plans somewhere in the city.


anne on April 5, 2011 at 8:54 AM said...

Good luck with your house plan Kat. BTW added this blog already here SAHM’s Online Diary Please add it too, and please know I am also your new follower here thanks!

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