19 June 2011

Sick away from home

Being sick is horrible enough, but sick and away from home is harder that I thought. Two weeks ago I experience some lower back pains and strangury, UTI attacks. I ignore the symptoms and just realize it after some frequent trip at the comfort room and I start to chill. I took some analgesic to ease the pain and fever.

Usually I consult Urologist when I experience this symptoms for some prescriptions, but as what I experienced last year, doctors here are unlike those in our country, it's not easy to consult specialist, you need to go to a family or a general doctor clad in lab coats first then, they will give a bag of antibiotics and if finishing it doesn't do the trick that is the time you will be referred to a specialist. I am not up to that again so I resort on just treating it myself the natural way, lots of water, cranberry and coconut juices, good thing it helps.

I am not sure of their medical procedures here, maybe because I just trust my good old doctors back in my hometown who are readily available with just a phone call. I should send some gifts for them at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com as a gratitude.


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