18 May 2011

Vesak, Vesākha or Wesak Celebration.

Yesterday is a holiday, Vesak Day is what the calendar says, and what better way to spend it is a whole day of sleep, eat sumptuous tocino and longanisa (Philippines local ham and sausage) plus watch movies, quite relaxing for a six-day-a-week worker.

Wait what is Vesak Day? I am not sure if what it is, some say it is a Buddhist celebration, some say it is a Hindu's festivity, well it's my first time to hear about it and might as well do some reading about it.

According to some online dictionary and websites, Vesak or Vesākha is a Theravada Buddhist traditional yearly celebration of Buddha's Birthday, Death and Enlightenment. According to them, it was widely observed on India, Nepal, Banglades, Sri Lanka and East Asian Country like Singapore. It usually held at forth month of Lunar Calendar and falls April or May of Gregorian Calendar.

It was a celebrated with chanting of Monks and acts of generosity by giving help to needy, visiting temple to meditate and make some offerings, traditional freeing of caged birds and animals. Modern day generosity is done by youth by donating blood to the hospitals.

Buddhist traditionally end Vesak day in a silent candlelight procession  from streets and ends on the temple.

Had I know it earlier, I should have at least visit a nearby temple anyway there is still next year.


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