23 February 2010

Ways to Save Money

Frugality is our way in here, save save and save, that's  what we must do specially in this time of crisis, but how will I save with all those bills that keep on coming well that is exactly the point why don't we try to manage our bills.

Right now cellphone and credit card bills takes big chunks out of our wallet.One would decide on getting rid one of the two will to the trick, yes it will surely work but then in our modern world right now this are considered necessities for our personal and bussiness use.Why not find ways on maximizing your credit cards and cell phone usage.

Here are some of the tricks that will surely work out;
For Cellphone users I suggest you get a plan that will suite your need rather than having a prepaid one, you will the phone free or in a lesser amount and plan subscription gives lots of freebies too with all those wallet saving  thing that wireless company gives make use of it.For more cellphone saving guides I found this site very useful Billshrink.

For Credit Cards, well this one is pretty hard, first and foremost find the best credit card that will best suited your needs. Be inquisitive  about you credit credit card usage, cut-off date, and most of all the freebies you will obtain in using it, don't forget to check their monthly price slash on some participating product.

Let also give consideration to our gasoline consumptions, gas price shoot up this past months and we need as well manage to maximize out vehicle usage. If your running errands within the city try ti find out if it has subways, in this way you will save much on gas and time since it is more faster that going on traffic jam streets. Knowing your route and short-cuts will surely lessen your travel time and try not to use too much car accesories, don't put your entertainment room inside your car.

CD or Certificate of Deposite is also a good investment right now a friend introduce this idea to me and and give me some CD rates for some consideration on splitting my saving accounts.

We all need to save to give ourselves some comfort it the near future and to give our children a decent life. Find your ways in saving you have all the options, make it unlimited.


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