08 December 2009

My Christmas Wishlist for this year are.....

Christmas is the season of giving... I am not done yet with my gift shopping but let me have this chance to let you all know what I really wanted to have this Christmas season

1. I want a new
BAG, a big one that can carry my everyday luggage.
2. I want and really pray that I can give my son a well deserve
1st Birthday Party, a well planned party ( I am really hoping I can have this work done whew!)
3. I wish Didi would buy a new set of
Wedding Ring for us, mine was already masikip my fingers are getting fat.
4. I wish I can have my own
Camera, I want one that i can carry around to take pictures my cellphone cam is no longer working hu hu hu!
5. I wish I can have the
Limited Edition Starbucks USB from NomNom Club, I need extra storage of my blog drafts and pictures.

For numbers 1 to 4, I hope my Ninangs and Ninongs read this missive of mine, hey guys I am still a child ( ...at heart). And for the number 5 please don't bother Nomnom Club will take care of it right NomNom... Since he is giving away one right here pick the picture.


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