31 January 2013

Graduation Letter for my Son

Its been a while.... for now let me share to you this open letter to my first born who is about to achieve a new milestone on his early life.

Vividly I can still picture our first meeting, every pain and fear I had after 23 hours of induce labor had gone after seeing you. My crybaby, even from the start nobody can force you to do something out of your will.

Little by little you develop and discover things by yourself. Your face lights up in every successful bravery and little tears show with every failed attempt, if only I could take out the pain, but those aches and bruises will bring out a better person in you. Your personality and attitude starts to show and I am glad that you are an affectionate and loving child and I hope you retain it until you mature.

I pray that as you grew older you learn things more than I do, you achieve life as you aspire it to be. But for now I am very much please that you are a happy and active kid, ABC and 123 can still wait for your attention you are just starting enjoy what life has to offer. You will always be my pride, my joy and my little baby I named James Levi. 

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