30 January 2010

I Love the Green IPOD Nano

What is IPOD's color? Me I love to have the green one.

How about you what color do you want? Choose here

Contest runs until Sunday 31st January 2010

27 January 2010

Thank you Circuit Mag! I Got my BDJ Planner

Finally I got a planner!

Thanks to Circuit Mag for this pretty pretty one!

I just wan't to share my winning answer...

Question: What’s your Top 3 New Year’s Resolution?

1. To lose my post-natal weight gained
2. To lessen my impulsive behavior
3. To learn how to manage my time wisely

21 January 2010

Mukhang Pera & Yes No Meh Jornal Giveaway

Why do I badly needed this journal?

I need this badly because no.1, I haven't got a journal/planner up to now and its January 21 already, I am still waiting. For this year i really wanted to have one without spending a single peso, in short I want it free.

I need this badly because no. 2, I need something to remind me of things that needed to be remembered, this are from birthdays up to grocery list .I had gone through CS-operation and I am pretty sure it is the reason why I am so forgetful lately.

I need this badly because no. 3, It was pretty journal and it will surely be suited for pretty person like me. ( oh c'mon don't react that way this is my blog i have all the rights here mind you )

This is my answer to the contest sponsored by Yes No Meh and bury me in this dress. Check out Mukhang Pera for more online contests!

Contest will run until January 31, 2010.

UPDATE: Congratulation Shabby of Hyukta.net!

13 January 2010

My Brain Eater Update

As of the moment Tree of wisdom is 100 ft tall and give another tip after almost 50 feedings I think,   my Zen Gardens are all almost full just trying to get some more of fighting plants.

I am on 10 longest streak on Vase Braker Endless, 5 longest steak on Zombie endless and I got 19 Flags on Survival Endless.

Wondering when will my Tree of Wisdom stop growing and how endless are Vase Breaker, Zombies and Adventure Endless are.

Kasai landed as one of Top 6 Kakaibang Wish

Just want to brag about it, okay i didn't got the coveted Starbucks Flash Disk but I am still happy at least I landed on Nomnom Club special list of Top 6 Kakaibang wish for my entry My Christmas Wishlist for this year are... actually it was my wish number 2.I want and really pray that I can give my son a well deserve 1st Birthday Party, a well planned party ( I am really hoping I can have this work done whew!).

Although I didn't won the contest and only got not even half of my wishlist that didn't lessen my happiness, and by the way I had given my son a real party not a costly one but I know I made him happy and I planned everything promise.

12 January 2010

Great Finds

I found a beautiful bunch of flowers that I want to share with you, no its not the one in Farmville its the real thing.

Guess how much it cost me,only 40 Pesos! yes it was more that 1 kilo very huge and so fresh Cauliflower and taste really good, tried to steam it without any seasonings. Now we know where to search great finds in the Public Market & in the net.  I want to but some sando & maong shorts for summer that would only cost me less 100Php each I know one & i will go there by next weekend, I will share my great finds with you after.

10 January 2010

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2010

Why you need a planner this year?

I need this planner "This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2010", not for myself, for my loving husband. He needs this to actually organize his works for to plan well his meetings & a lot of things concerning his work and our family.

Want this one too? here check this out at Rambling of a Princess.com

Contest will run up to 15th January 2010

UPDATE:  Congratulation to Aja, Ganns and Zoe the three of them won this wonderful journal.

08 January 2010

Brain Eaters

I already earned the the Sunflower Trophy, bought all Crazy Dave's items at Twiddy Dinkies shop, got all the 3 Zen garden including my 71 feet Tree of Wisdom. What I am talking about? Well its the game called plants vs. Zombies.
Its almost 3 weeks and It still keeps me entertain up to now even though I almost finish all the mini games and stages.
I am not really that PC games but i do enjoy this one because it was cute and funny considering they are zombies and with a lot of weird but cute looking plant fighters. It was made with a lot of humor.
The mechanics are simple choose your best plant and fight the zombies before it enters your house and eat your brains.

06 January 2010

Real Leaf Paparazzi

This is what happen when I my husband was home alone with our 1 year old boy

Due to some uncontrollable situations our yaya didn’t make it to manila early and I can’t be absent for work my hubby have no choice but to babysit our levi for the whole day for the first time. Since he has no one to ask help he has do to all the rituals a baby requires that includes taking a bath, brushing the teeth and tongue, taking vitamins, change nappies, wash  poops, feeding and even the patience in putting levi to bed. The thought of him doing all of these makes me giggle a little. Imagining him all agitated, tired and sweaty and I expect a chaos and lot of mess in evening.

But to my surprise, I came home with less mess than I anticipate, with the two of peacefully watching TV and drinking, milk for my levi and REAL LEAF Green Tea apple flavor for Hubby.

Thank God I stock up bottles of REAL LEAF Green Tea it refresh my husband and gives him the energy to carry on the whole day with our tumbling son.

A mind you he even cooked our dinner that night, hotdog & egg with big bottle of REAL LEAF Green Tea to complete the day and prepare for a playful night.

*On the picture my son didn’t really drunk the tea we just let him lick the empty bottle.

Fortuna dies natalis MAVER!

After the her December Planner Palooza, Gossip Gehl is giving away another Starbucks Planner for her 36th Birthday.

Let us celebrate with her by joining her Birthday blowout.

She will be waiting for us until 12th of January 12am of this year at GOSSIP GEHL.

UPDATE: The coveted Planner is already in the hands of Dos Marias, Congratulation!

04 January 2010

My Sons Birthday Party.

Yesterday at 3 pm our James Levi just had his 1st Birthday. I am very Thankful for all who came to celebrate it with us.

To God, thank you for giving us a healthy and very cheerful baby.

For more picture you can view it here in my other blog James Levi's Street Birthday Bash

Goodbye 2009..... Hello 2010!

2009 has been such a good year to me, as early as its third day he had given me a gift to start, my greatest happiness, my James Levi.

In this year also it has thought me a lot not only on my professional side but more on my EQ for being a good daughter, a wife and most of all being a mommy.
Thank you 2009!

Hello 2010! We had just started and hope we could spend a year with a lot of laughter and wonderful memories.


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