26 February 2014

My Own Nanny in Singapore

This is one of my biggest challenge this year, after obtaining Pass for my kiddo's then who looks after them when we are out digging the ground. We see several options, Child Care is a no because of high fee for infant care and sorry I am not comfortable with the idea. Flying relatives over every two months is also a no. Getting a local Nanny, one possible option. Finally, we decide why not bring our very own Nanny to stay here with us then, brilliant right, but how to get a work pass for her, and so the challenge begun....

My son was used to nanny since I had been working even then, so having a nanny is not new to us, but as much as possible we make sure we know them personally (you know the kidnapping thing) if possible relatives.

 Nanny/House Helper/Maid falls on the Work Pass (Foreign Domestic Worker) and Singapore government was strict when issuing this pass both for employee and employer as to protect both parties most specially the Maid since they are vulnerable to abuse. You can read the full facts regarding applying for FDW here at the MOM website http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-fdw/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

I personally do all the paper works and it save me up some hundred dollars compare on going through employment agency, and to share how I obtain Work Pass for my Nanny here is my step by step guide....
(August 2013)

New Application (never been employed in SG, Female, 23~50 year old, from approve country, with minimum 8 years formal education)
  1.  SINGPASS - this is necessary to access websites for Work Pass Application as well as CPF website for levy.

  2. EMPLOYERS ORIENTATION PROGRAM (EOP) - (S$40) - I took Online, the course can be finished in 3 hours, but you have the option to cut session according to your available time. Upon completion print your certificate since it will only be available online for 2 weeks after completing the course.

  3. WORK PASS APPLICATION - you need your maids details specially passport and if she is married you need her husbands details. You also need to indicate your maids salary. Also, remember points to consider.

    • Your Maid a Female
    • Your Maid is not in Singapore
    • Your Maid age is between 23~50 at the time of application
    • Your Maid is note related to you or your husband (better check middle and maiden surnames)
  4. Upon Approval buy 5K bond and health insurance, I bought mine in NTUC (S$307+)

  5. Wait for the bond and health insurance to be transmitted to MOM for 2 to 7 days, you will know if reached MOM once you check WP Online there are already details of bond at health insurance. After that you can print out the IPA.

  6. Schedule for her SIP - better have her scheduled the next day after arrival since it was strictly quoted that FWD need it "within the first three working days of their arrival in Singapore (excluding the day of arrival)" (S$75)

  7. Schedule for her Medical Exam - I scheduled this one the next day after her SIP , it will take 4 to 5 days for the result.(S$50~S$60)

  8. Apply GIRO arrangement for monthly Levy.

  9. Email/mail the copy of IPA, Bond/Insurance and Health insurance to your maid.

  10. Fly her to SG (choose your options if she will go out PH as OFW or tourist). NOTE: She need to show sa SG Immigration Officer a copy of IPA, Bond and Health insurance and will only be given 14 days visit pass.

  11. Have her attend the SIP and do the Med exam.

  12. When you had the result of Med Exam have her scheduled for MOM appearance for card application.

  13. Wait for the card delivery.
She was given a 2 year pass validity under my employment (my name & address was stated on her work pass card) and just need to do the routine med examination every 6 months.

It is very important to note that having a maid here in SG is a way different from having a maid in PH, here she can only work for you and your family members for domestics works only, she cannot work in your store/business (in case you have one here) even sweep the office/store floor your violating the rules.

You have to give your maid a decent accommodation, toiletries, enough rest and food. Having a helper here will surely chunk a portion of your $$$ so be ready for it, but at least you have your very own nanny, but sometimes it's frustrating that my kids seem to think she was their mummy! sigh! but that is another story.


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